Is the sound one’s head makes having spent the day transcribing from longhand and now reviewing what needs to be written next. So very close, yet so far.

In other news, I had a very contented Saturday afternoon at Gidget’s, meeting the chickens, eating yummy chilli, drowning myself in her glorious stash, and watching various incarnations of David Tennant on the telly. ‘Twas a much needed break. Of course, I never made it to the Dali exhibition, I waived the ticket and went to bed. c’est la vie. I saw some of the Dali in London, and I’m sure I’ll see more Dali at some point in my life.

Sunday was spent writing some, knitting some, and watching the last 50 on the MAX Top 500 from the 80’s. RoseRed has already blogged about the Top 20. I’m just going to say that I found the #1 downright anticlimactic. If you’re not going to put MJ at #1, then for heavens sake make it Bonnie Tyler or Blondie or Queen or The Pretenders, but not Madge. Anybody but Madge. (No Queen in the Top 20 – found that quite odd).

Anyway, I digress. This weekend I turned a heel, have knitted half a blanket, and nearly a whole scarf (the progress has been cumulative, btw). I also discovered that it would be cheaper to send things via DHL than AusPost. Excellent. Makes my life easier. Now I just have to time my packing and sending. Very exciting.

And then tomorrow I get to see Bells very quickly (Coffee, Cleg’s and Morris & Sons), and its back to the grindstone for the chapter deadline (which has been delayed to somewhere between Wednesday and Friday). Then its editing chapter 1, layouts for chapter 3, and shifting countries. I don’t do things by half.

Well, it’s time for my rooibos and notes. I’m waiting to watch a bit of the ICC final – Aus vs NZ. I know who is going to win – we all do – but that’s not going to stop me from saying “Go Black Caps, give ’em hell!” And let the rest be a well played, enjoyable game of cricket.

Until later!



  1. how i wish i was having coffee with you both as well. i cant believe you go so soon. good for you. bad for us. and yes, we won, but theres no joy in it, i can assure you.

  2. We wore you out? And do you think I could skip this morning’s lecture and come join you in town?

  3. yes you did indeed get to do all that with me ! What fun!

    And I’d take David T over Dali any day. Does that make me a heathen?

  4. That does sound like a divine weekend indeed! Dotter would have snaffled that Dali ticket from you … she’s a massive fan.

    I hope you had a lovely catch up with Bells 🙂

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