Thoughts while sitting on the train.

It’s been over a year in a city I swore I was never going to live in. And I love it. It’s feels longer though. I have a uniform of shorts, jandals, and t-shirts. I get to be barefoot most of the time. The weather warms my bones. I didn’t realise how cold I constantly…

The boss level year.

So it’s the 2021 Festival of the Scorpio. After a fantastic morning at the beach, I sat down to reflect to my camera for about 8 minutes. And then I watched The Princess Bride. Because that’s what birthdays are all about. It was a good day!

Tamaki Makaurau / Auckland

In which the author drops in to say hello, and show some photos of the America’s Cup village on a non-racing day.

Stardate 74469.1

In which the author reflects on her time in Wellington, anticipates her new life in Auckland, and laments her knitting faux pas.

Vlog 3: Knitting Update

In this quick show and tell – I proudly natter on about yarn and my recently finished projects.

The whole world’s come undone

It was the weeks ago… Was it really three weeks ago? Time is a blur now. I was home and feeling rubbish – the sinusitis was really causing me great discomfort, and I had already told the office I was going to be working from home “until this all blew over”. My blue inhaler was…