Who am I?

I’m Shelley. I have an MLIS in Digital Libraries and Metadata, and an MA in English Literature. I have an almost-complete PhD thesis sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust, which  I may turn into a book instead.

I work in UX/CX and making IT and tech work better for its users in my hometown of Wellington, New Zealand. I also use my superpower of yarn enablement and stash enhancement for good when I hang out at my LYS, the incredible Holland Road Yarn Company.

I have taught, presented, tutored, work-shopped, and lectured. My brain is always on, and I am always thinking. I love to help fix things. My personal motto is to leave something better than when I found it. So far, I have.

I knit, freedive, play underwater rugby, walk, cook, observe, and chronicle my life here; all the while tweeting about the inane as @shell4uw or snapping photos on instagram as @m4naia. I can also be found at Goodreads and Pinterest.


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  1. I see on your Bucket list an entry for Wollmeise. If you will contact me thru Rav. (ID sewwhatsports), I can help you cross that off your list. It would be my joy to share as a thank you for the insights you have helped me see through you blogs.

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