At last!

I cast off Tinúviel last night. Just over 9 months later. Whew. I will never knit a border-to-neck pattern again. It was horrible. (On that note, the average finishing time for this shawl is between 6-18 months due to hibernation and sheer boredom. I seem to be on schedule then). She is pretty though. I’ve woven in the ends and she is sitting patiently on top of a pile of books, etc that I’m going to sending home in a few weeks. I’m still not sure about the colour (Alpine Pearl – the colour I saw in the shops and the colour I got when I ordered were not quite the same). Nonetheless, she will look gorgeous when blocked out, and I’m looking forward to wearing malabrigo lace. As a finishing present (she took a long time to finish – my second Lazy Lacy Summer 08-09 project, in fact) I’ve just put in the order for the blocking wires so that I can block her, and my future lace projects, properly.

I also bought some more laceweight yesterday (naughty me). The blogless WithaQ was in town for her birthday, and we had some fun enabling each other for the morning. I took her to the new Morris and Sons on Collins street, and she took me out to the Wondoflex in Malvern, where the lovely ladies let us into the bargin basement. Oh wow. I was very restrained. I left the shop with 2 balls of the Kid Seta and a skein of touch yarns 2ply merino (I think I love laceweight), and she did much better. 10 balls of Grignasco Tango (read: Rowan Felted Tweed for those who don’t know) for less than $50 is a giveaway (I’d put it in the $2/ball of Zara sale basket as an equivalent). I’m sure there was a little guilt on both our parts, but nothing the new acquisitions didn’t dampen.

Today has been spent feeling tired and checking theological articles and writing some more thesis. I’m about 2 days behind where I want to be, so it will be a long night tonight.

Tomorrow will be fun with David Tennant, drop spindles, knitting and geekdom, followed by a family BBQ and the last evening of the Dali exhibition with the rest of Victoria. Maybe with the League final somewhere for good measure – oh and the ICC champions semi-finals.

Gotta keep on moving. Right. Back to the moleskine.



  1. ooh! What a fun trip. Such bargains. Such restraint! Well done!! Maybe if you’re free on Tuesday we can do M&S when I’m in town, if you’ve got the time!

  2. I made yarn! About 10cm and very tight and twisty and then stuffed it all up and went and made coffee… but I did get the idea! Thanks for the head start!

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