Life without Music would B♭

Sydney Opera House

A case for classical music. Live.

It won’t come as a surprise to those who know me that I love music. I mean I live for for my music. As somebody who feels too much (hello HSP!) music can be an absolute sanity saver when I need it. And while some music can be waaaaaay too much for me to handle, others just make life better. And what’s the perfect way to listen to music (other than with amazing open headphones that have an incredible sound stage, or decent headphones that give you clarity and bass)? Live music.

And what’s some of the best live music to listen to? Classical. Symphonic. Orchestral. In a hall with amazing acoustics and a plethora of instruments. its magical for several reasons:

  1. you’re going to get a different (but equally amazing) performance depending on where you sit in the auditorium
  2. no two performances are ever going to be the same. The atmosphere and energy of the musicians and the audience changes, so does the sound
  3. there is nothing like being surrounded with sound.

I have never been able to understand or comprehend why people find classical music/recitals boring. Is it because you have to sit and be quiet, or is it the idea that it’s all boring and stiff? Is it that old elitist idea that you have to be all classy and snobby to go to the orchestra? If this preconceived notion is true, it saddens me.

There is nothing like having music wash over you. The hum of the strings, the peals of the brass and flute, the earthy notes of the woodwind, and the silver cascade of the harp and piano (technically percussion) against the beat of drums and chimes and cymbals in a soaring melody.

Live music can change your world. From the moshpits of the rockers and metalheads to the sultry voices of lounge and jazz, to the earnestness and honesty of folk, to the musical paintings of instrumental works. It moves your soul. (Hell, one of the pieces I listened to a few weeks ago was by a DJing composer who wrote a Violin Concerto about a dinosaur. It was actually an incredible piece. I was apprehensive at first, but what a ride! Anne Akiko Meyer played it for us as well. She is stunning.) Even Metallica have an appreciation for classical arrangements

I just wish more people weren’t so afraid of classical music. Here in New Zealand we’re lucky enough to have several Sinfonia, as well as the NZSO (with the most amazing 2017 Season), the Aussies have some wonderful state orchestras (the SSO (featuring in one of my favourite arrangements of an incredible song), MSO (check this out for novelty), and ASO to name a few… while those in Europe and the UK are smothered for choice. All of these have options and heavy discounts for those under the age of 30 (and luckily in NZ, under 35) to go and experience the wonder of live magic.

I’d love to challenge those who read my blog to take the plunge and go have a night at the orchestra. If you’re not sure what to start with or where to go, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll point you in the right direction. You don’t need the backstory for the piece or even need to have studied music. Just a love for sound and a willingness to close your eyes and enjoy the adventure.

Do it, go on. I dare you.