Hello world, remember me?

I’m the girl I thought I’d never be.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve grown up and got myself a permanent job (it’s a godawful photo). I’ve scratched a  few more things off my bucket list. Fought the Black Dog. Am continuing to fight my immune system. Gone on more adventures. Met people. Lost people. Found myself. Invested in self-reflection. Knitted. Cuddled babies and toddlers and dogs. Had some eureka moments. Listened to music. Ate. Drank. Have been merry. And tired. (I say tired because saying bone-crushingly exhausted tends to make people jumpy, I can’t imagine why).

I’ve learnt to ask for help and not feel guilty for doing so. I’ve learnt that people can make mistakes, and can be forgiven. I have forgiven, but not forgotten. I am practising the art of “this too shall pass.” I’m getting indignant about a male dominated society, angry about invisible diseases, and learning to be kind to myself (although that’s not always easy to be).

I’ve been thinking about you for a couple of months now. But you know how it is… it’s been so long since we talked, and I didn’t know what to say. Or how to say it. But I think it’s time we got a hot beverage and we started talking again. I’m doing some cool stuff in work and play. (I’m afraid I’ve been having an affair with Pinterest, it’s definitely more easy on the eyes). I’ve been listening to podcasts (I know!) and reading some good books. And experimenting with some good food. So it would be great to let you know what’s happening at the edge of the world. I know I’ve said I’ll keep in contact before. But this time, I mean it. Because I said I would.  And I need some selfish time to write about things. I may yet write some more on Medium and post to Instagram as well…



  1. Yay for selfish time, yay for talking (back?) to the world. Good to know you are alive and well!

  2. Glad to see you, both literally and figuratively. I missed reading about your adventures and those that were ‘mis’ of a sort. Hope to hear more about your life changes.

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