July, July!*

It’s amazing what a week of sleep and blobbing can do. And being sent home. And taking the hint. And relaxing. My natural propensity towards the nocturnal has also recalibrated itself. This is going to make rejoining the workforce properly interesting, because it’s also July. The Ashes started last night. And there’s Le Tour (which I’m about extol. Again), and next week, The Open. I mean, look at this video. Look at the passion, and the pride. This is why I love golf. And when golf comes home to St Andrews… that’s always very special.

But while July late nights of sport mean I’m not too anguished about being unable to do anything, I’m not coughing up furballs all that often. I was able to take a full, deep breath yesterday for the first time in about 5 weeks. I have managed to get through the last 2 days without several naps and have actually managed to be productive. Things are starting to look up. Even sitting here with my heater, hot water bottle, quilt and tea while it snows on the hills opposite makes me smile. I’m not sore all the time. It’s a relief.

Of course, I have had some distractions. I’m not going to lie. I’ve been watching the second season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. again. And there has been the League of Legends Champions Series Summer Split (yes, I watch LoL – have you seen these guys? I even have favourite teams). And my beloved Le Tour de France.

Having Le Tour on has made me insanely happy. I’ve missed it. I was up all night watching the cobblestone stage, and I can’t wait for the mountains again. Tourmalet and Alpe d’Huez this year. Hooray!

Of course, with Le Tour, there must be the KAL (knit along). After my pity party for one last week, I decided I really wanted to knit something for me – and I had just picked up this beautiful skein of Fyberspates Vivacious sock yarn in a colour called Pebble Beach. No photograph does it justice. But it had to come with me. It’s friend Verdigris nearly did too, but I was restrained. Anyway, Pebble Beach has been calling to me, and since I wanted something for me, and it was Le Tour. I answered her call. And she was going to be socks.

No photo will ever do this colourway justice.
No photo will ever do this colourway justice.

Then came the question. Which pattern?! I went through all my sock books and ravelry, and then had a good look at my yarn cake. There was only one pattern that could so this justice. Back in 2008 when I first learnt how to knit socks, I rewrote a pattern of a sock I really liked to knit it from the toe-up, and then I attempted to knit it. Surprisingly, the mod worked, and it has become my old faithful. It looks good in semi-solids, variegated and solid yarns. And it was made for this colourway.

So on I cast during the Prologue, and I finished the first sock last night during Greg Lamond’s recap of the cobblestones. It really is just so pretty. It also helps having something where you can actually see your progress. And because it’s the TdF (and I really want another pair of socks), there’s no worry of Second Sock Syndrome (SSS) here. I may even get something else finished out of this year’s TdF. Who knows?

One sock down, one to go
One sock down, one to go

But for now, I need one more nap, as I dream of venturing out in weather warmer than this. See you next time.

*Because I’m in a The Decemberists Mood.