What’s this? A blog post?

Hello dear readers! I have not forgotten you! It’s been one of those sorts of years so far. The type where I really have needed to look after me, and put the computer down from time to time.

There have been adventures! Knitting!! Awesome plans that were then scuppered and have needed to be remade!!! In short, it’s been a roller coaster with the black dog, and finding out who my friends really are after being cut down badly… and now needing to build myself back up.

Still, it’s been a learning experience. I’ve been really, really hurt. And I am still angry, but I have forgiven the parties that have made my life unnecessarily difficult – holding onto ill feelings would not help me in any way – so I’m just closing my eyes, taking deep breaths, and going to continue to live my life with as much patience and kindness and I can give. Dealing with this has taken much of my time and energy, so apologies for my absence.

I’ve done some diving (got to 28m FIM in March – outside of competition), competed in my first Catfish Cull (so much fun – will do that again), did my first wreck dive (in 10m of water but it was awesome), went to the Eng vs NZL world cup cricket game at the Cake Tin, the semi-final between SA and NZL at Eden Park (what a game!), and some roller derby games now the season has started. Also saw Jason Webley at Bodega and some fantastic NZSO concerts – with more NZSO concerts, Bic Runga & Tiny Ruins, Renee Fleming, and Robbie Williams in the music line up for the rest of the year.

KAN2015 will be happening too (doing the continental knitting class) – I’m so looking forward to it. And an AIDA judging course in Brisbane ahead of the PanPacs in November: all registered and ready to go. Quite excited about that.

And then there’s the knitting. I’ve fallen in love with Quince & Co (5 hats in Owl, and I’ve snaffled some Piper for something). I’ve expanded on my Dark Harbour stash, my MadTosh awesomeness and some more smooshy Zealana air. I’ve also some Outlaw Vanitas DK lined up for a chaleur and some of the Bohemia Worsted happening in a Strider Cowl. The first sample I saw in the Vanitas knitted at too tight a gauge – it was prickly and I was unsure of it. When I knitting a sample up on the 4mm needles… wow. I can’t wait to see it on 4mm or larger to really highlight the loft and drape – hence the chaleur. I also have a Hudson in Bendigo Melody on the needles for mum (I owe her a sweater), some kanoko pants x2 for two new mommies I know (just in time for winter), and some other bits and bobs. So all in all, the needles are working hard and competing for time with the books I’m reading: Kingdon, Sagan, and Kneale. It’s an interesting mix. I’m rather enjoying the philosophy of it all.

I’m hoping that the rest of this year allows me the time and energy to blog again. I really have missed it (as all the half-written blog bits on paper in piles around my apartment will attest). I’d love to share my thoughts on my books, the knitting I’ve doing, and the books I am reading with you. (As well as my adventures in yoga and freediving, amongst other things).

I hope to see you again sooner than later, dear reader. Until the next time! 🙂



  1. Missed your missives…did call you when I was in Wellington, a few weeks ago…big hug, Philip

  2. Sounds like one of those years during which we learn so much. They are never easy and often less than joyful but you sound like you’ve come out the other end in one piece. A bit bruised maybe, but basically intact. I’m glad to hear it.

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