Fighting the good fight.

So, I’ve been quiet. It’s not for a lack of trying. I’ve lost count of how many hours I’ve spent looking at a blank post screen in recent weeks before retreating to my bed and hiding under the blankets in despair. No-guilt blogging is a good thing. Isolating yourself is not.

So, the black dog is back and having a wonderful time. Me? Still waiting to be gainfully employed and getting absolutely stressed beyond belief for the lack of it. And yet, I have this week to look forward to, and I have been for months:

This week has Dr Who day, and Australians, and KAN. It will also hopefully have notification on whether I’ve a job or not. Really, these last two months have just reminded me of how shocking the recruiters in this country can be. And, being in the capital in the lead up to the elections… yeah, good luck with any sort of job there. But anyway. I took a gamble with the unicorn, and I lost. I’m dealing with it, but will be so much happier when I can be able to pay the rent without panicking. (Anybody interested in hiring a highly qualified problem solver with strong listening and leadership skills, good sense of humour, thinks outside the box, likes a challenge? Anybody? Just thought I’d ask).

But enough of that.

Like I said, it’s KAN next weekend. And apart from the fact that I’m not going to be able to buy any smooshiness (I’m trying hard not to think about this), I will have lots of stripes to knit while I’m there. I was toying with taking a KAN project, but, I have these all on deadline duty:

An Alberta by Jared Flood, Ravello by Isabelle Kraemer in Knitsch Pencarrow, Hepburn and Trinket, and a stripey baby blanket inspired by a pin I forgot to add to my board (grrrr), knitted in Cleckheaton cotton 4 ply and Happy Go Knitty 4ply cotton in Sunflower and Navy. I will also be learning how to crochet (finally!) and about colourwork (exciting).

I’ve also done my fair share of NZIFF films this year (prebooking everything has been a blessing). 20,000 Days on Earth (incredible editing, really interesting content), Diplomatie (an amazing adaption from stage to screen with some inspiring actors), The Tale of Princess Kaguya (Studio Ghibli at its haunting best), and the critically acclaimed and rather polarising Snowpiercer (I think the Koreans and Scandinavians share an interesting vision of humanity at the point of extinction – I put this film in the same basket and von Trier’s Melancholia).

But all in all, I’m climbing the wall. I’m knitting, yes, reading too, working on websites, and just waiting now. I’ve done all that I can, and while I am generally a patient person, there is a tinge of helplessness lurking at the moment. Still, it is a week of very dear friends next week. Dear friends, ninja sheep, and adventures. Talking geek, knitting, and escaping from my blanket fort for a while seems like a good idea.

There may even be photos…