WordCamp awesomeness and redeeming an otherwise average week.

So, gentle reader, I went to a WordCamp today. It was amazing. It just reinforces why Open Source people are the best ever. I learnt so much. I tried to absorb everything like a sponge. And even though I’m not a developer, I discovered some really nifty bits and pieces that I’m going to be investigating in my quiet quest to become a WordPress encyclopedia. It was just fantastic fun. I will write something slightly more coherent later. My brain is still trying to process much of what I saw, heard, and discussed – and will continue to do so for a while yet – but I miss that sort of environment so much. It just reconfirmed to me that I really am all about Open Source and making things better. It was a happy day.

I’m so tempted to port this over to WordPress.org and expand it though… decisions, decisions, decisions. I have much to ponder on, and plenty of extra stuff to read about. Those guys made dev sound so very cool. I’ve been exploring learning CSS from scratch… but it looks like I’m going to be applying myself to both CSS and at least a basic understanding of PHP too. But enough of the techie stuff (for now).

I also finished one pair of mitts (hooray!), and I will cast on a pair of dashings in a zombie-like state soon. All in all, today has redeemed this past week.

Why is that, I hear you ask? Between killing my phone on Monday (yes, I am struggling without it), my trusty steed laptop playing up (while I’m trying to write handover documentation) and a knitting needle catastrophe of cable disasters (involving a needle breaking mid-cable row and causing 20 rows to be frogged due to the unhappy event – after fixing the problem I did put it in its project bag, throw it across the room in disgust and cry. It seemed the logical thing to do) on the Tuesday, and the case of the plumbers deciding to redo my bathroom without informing me and leaving me very inconvenienced on Thursday… it’s been a rough week. Things are sent to test you, and I’d like to think I’ve managed relatively well.

I can’t say it was all bad this past week. I’ve had two good training sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, and I’m anticipating the same next week. My DNF seems to be going backwards in progress, I think it’s because I’m doing much of my drilling for it on the surface with a snorkel, so my “feel” for it seems to be flagging. hrmm… More things to drill and ponder.

I also managed to get back to a HRYC knit night on Thursday too. I got to hug the yarn. It was lovely. The ladies saw me in my office gear – apparently I look like a grown up. (I what?!) Well, maybe I was pretending to be a grown up for the day – it was all about my tailored jacket, I swear – but I’m glad the pretend hadn’t rubbed off when I got home to chaos and needing to make angry phone calls at half nine at night. But it was absolutely lovely to see the ladies again. I can’t wait for the next Knit Night in town. Hopefully there will be less chaos afterwards.

I have another interesting week ahead. Some more challenges, and bit and pieces to think about. Honestly, it’s all looking quite exciting at the moment. I have a couple of plans in motion, but I really hope I don’t have to look past Plan A. I’ll know by next Friday. And then I’ll think about whether I’m going to panic and wig out.

For now, I’m going to be riding this WordCamp buzz for a good while yet… Just trying to figure out how to get to the Auckland and/or Sydney ones later this year (and if I could talk at one. And if I could, what would I say?)



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