“he opens the window just to feel the chill…”

As I’m going through my Regina Spektor collection this evening (something I tend to do when I’m feeling as blah as I currently am), it struck me that there’s one song on every album that speaks to me. I have many favourites, but there are 4 that stand out from her albums (I’m not counting Mary Ann as there are songs from SK and BtH on that one). And then I thought about all the other artists whose music I know very well, and whaddaya know: 95% of the time, this is true. But for now, I’m going to inflict my 4 favourite Regi songs on you, dear reader. I’m sure psychologists and music therapists would have a field day with song selections, etc, etc… but just have a listen, and enjoy.

Us – Soviet Kitsch (2004)

Better – Begin to Hope (2006) – this and Fidelity were my first taste of Regi. I love her quirkiness.

Eet – Far (2009)

How – What We Saw From The Cheap Seats (2012) – this, like Better, made me stop in my tracks the first time I heard it.

Keep warm, keep dry, and I hope those who could see it, enjoyed the eclipse.


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