Winter is coming!

Daylight savings started today. Not that my body’s noticed the extra hour of sleep yet. My Sunday’s have turned into something of a routine which I actually quite like. Yin yoga, then to the markets. After lunch I amble down to my local for a pint (and sometimes curly fries) and a couple of chapters of whatever book I’m reading while it’s still quiet, and then home to sort out things for the following week and some knitting. It’s all rather relaxing. It’ll be less so when I really kick training up a notch, but it’s still a beautiful way to finish a week. Only, the student hordes locusts were out in force around the markets today. I was one long enough that I can be justified in being irked by them, so there. Yes, I am a grouchy old bag when I want to be. I really don’t like crowds, and I especially don’t like crowds where groups stand in the middle of congested walkways to b***h about people from the night before, oblivious to those trying to get around them.

Milk stout and a good book at my local. Perfect.
Milk stout and a good book at my local. Perfect.

But still, I survived and escaped. The weather has been odd today, so it was good to get home to fresh-baked bread and smoked kingfish. It was glorious. I have rediscovered one of my old no-knead bread recipes from another life and another country and am pleasantly surprised I still have the knack. It’s like riding a bicycle. Which is good, because I really need to start eating well again. (You know what it’s like – you get stressed, you see the Black Dog, and you just lose your appetite). And yes, I have been fighting the Black Dog over the last month and bit. He’s hanging out in my hallway at the moment, but I’m working on taming him. Banishing doesn’t work, so acknowledging him and not fearing him is another way to try to win that fight. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll decide to become a docile wee thing, or leave me alone. It’s hard work at the moment, but I’ll get there.

Like I said, my yoga and swimming have both been a godsend, and I’ve been really disciplined. Yoga 4 or 5 times a week, and in the pool doing drills 4 times a week at the moment. For a change, yesterday I went for a swim with the lovely Jules off Freyberg beach. The sun was hot and the water was cold. Although I feel very fit, my shoulder still has a long way to go. That was a learning experience, and disappointing at the same time. I want it to be stronger – to get the right muscles working so that it doesn’t “click out” on my mid-stroke. I have 6 months to really work on that before trying to ocean swim again.

oriental beach
Enjoying the sun after a dip in the bracing water, 5/4/14.

The yoga, however, is really beginning to show results. There are some asanas that I’m just not going to ever get near with my injuries, but there are others that I’m getting stronger in, and I’m really enjoying it. I love the fact that I have a fantastic studio down the road, and some really excellent teachers. They make the wanting to practice easier.

So everything just seems to be balancing better at the moment. The training, the reading, the knitting (I’d forgotten how this is the pattern that just wouldn’t end. Seriously. It’s ridiculous. It’s a full 45 minutes to do two rows, and that’ll increase to an hour before I cast off. It is going to look amazing when done, but still. I’m itching to finish some other pieces too), some baking, new music (thanks Alice for the recommendations), and general Sorting Stuff Out.

I love autumn. It is my favourite season. It’s a season of drawing down the sun and completing things. It’s also a good time to take chances. I’ve got a few things I’m about to seriously consider, so keep your fingers crossed for me, dear reader. If one or two of these go my way I’m going to be in for a rather exciting ride. But I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’ll say no more until there is something to say.

So, I’m going to try conquer some more of that never-ending shawl, and decide what to take with me to the lights up knitting tomorrow. (So very excited about this now. May this be the first of many). I will see ya’ll the next time we meet.

Stay safe, eat chocolate, and be thankful for everything.