Om Shanti, Shanti Om.

So I ambled on down to that yoga studio on Saturday and had a yarn with the ladies there. They run a fabulous trial deal: unlimited classes for 7 days for $10. They practice yin, vinyasa, hot vinyasa, and restorative yoga.

That was Saturday morning. Since then, I’ve done 2 hot vinyasa classes and a yin class. I’ll do restorative tomorrow and another hot class on Wednesday. It’s amazing how muscle memory works: my body knows the routines so well, it’s almost like autopilot. Just need to get a little more limber.

A happy place: watching the sunrise in Gili Trawangan before morning yoga practice.
A happy place: watching the sunrise in Gili Trawangan before morning yoga class. (The last time I actually practiced).

The studio is a very good space. The teachers are instructive and informative. But I slide all over my trusty mat like nobody’s business in the hot classes. There was, apparently, a fill in teacher today. Man, he was absolutely fantastic.

I have missed yoga. My shoulders aren’t complaining (yet). And while I’ll probably only get 6 classes in this week, I can’t say I’d honestly keep that up. I’m aiming up 4 (maybe 5?) a week. And seeing as it is just down the road… so easy.

I’m never going to be very bendy, but I need to stretch a great deal in order to avoid more injuries. And breathing properly always helps. I’m so glad I’ve found a good place to do this again. Between yoga, swimming, and freediving (and weights thrown in for good measure), I’m sorted. This is going to be a great month.

So Xin Nian Kuai Le everybody. Here’s hoping this year is energetic without being chaotic.