On the silkroad

It has been such a slow week. Or it feels slow. And the shock of not being barefoot and outside is playing havoc with my head. You know how when you’ve spent a good deal of time outside and in fresh air, your nose takes a hit when you re-enter the world of air conditioning? Yeah. That. Sniffles and headaches are being dealt to by copious amounts of hot tea.

And knitting. I have craved something plain (I have a couple of complex pieces in 4 ply going on, and I’ve had this in my queue for about 3 and a half years now). I’m just going to conveniently forget I have a serious case of second sleeve syndrome going on (I’ll finish that later this year), and have cast on a lovely simple three-quarter sleeve raglan top. I bought some Linen from La Droguerie when I was in Paris with this top in mind, but I am about 200m short. Ouch. Never mind, I have something else for that yarn then. But I was a little upset. What could I use. I cast my eye over my stash boxes, and they came to rest on something I’ve been keeping for a long time now.

I bought some beautiful Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in Boheme from the Woolshed in Manuka (The Aussie one, not Auckland) in 2008 in anticipation of knitting a scarf for my PhD supervisor when I finished. Of course, that is all moot now, and I’ve had this lovely stuff languishing quietly along with some beautiful Rowan Felted Tweed for too long now. So I cast on with it – and you know what – I’ve missed knitting with Jo Sharp yarn. I’d forgotten the loft and stitch definition. Her pure DK yarn was also a delight to knit with, so I’m really excited about this pullover. And tweed make me happy too.

Jo Sharp Tweed, Knitsch, and Vintage Purls, oh my!
Jo Sharp Tweed, Knitsch, and Vintage Purls, oh my!

The Knitsch is for Roses, and the Vintage Purls (Buttercup) is for some Deco Lilies from the latest Knitsch sock club. (I’m toying with 12 pairs of socks in 12 months, but somehow I don’t think that’s very possible this year). The problem is: which sock pattern first? I still have Molly & Hector and Odette’s mitts to finish first. And another pair of Thuja’s to knock off the needles. But… you know?

My pinterest board has me itching for the needles more often than not now, and I aim to harness that pull. Knitting was something that I lost pleasure for last year, and I’m happy to have it back. I just need to balance my reading time with my stash time. Of course, now that Holland Road Yarn Company is going to be opening a store in the middle of the city (Hooray! Happiness abounds), there’s no reason I can’t slip off and do a spot of knitting stash acquisition during lunchtimes. Is there?

It’s good to be knitting something for me and enjoying it. I look forward to showing you my finished sweater when it is done. But right now, another cuppa tea and some yarn smooshing and reading is in order.


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  1. i thought of you when i saw Tash was opening a second store. i envy you that store very badly. im a bit lost at sea knitting wise at the moment too, gift knitting – it can kill your mojo with its looming deadline. but after that…cardigans i think! that silk road really is lovely stuff.

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