Another year, another type of Camino.

I have several posts for Gili on paper which I will write up when I’m home and with a computer. But this one needs to be written now, while I sit on the stairs and listen to Gili T wake up.

This place is something else. I can’t describe what it is, but, this island has magic. Or maybe it’s the fact that if I’m not doing yoga or sleeping, I’m in the water. Tomorrow’s sunrise will most probably be accompanied by a swim. And I may have even met my objective and finished this course. Last day today, and I’ve learnt so much.

But the course really was just a good excuse for a week in the water. Far away from my comfort zone. But I will come back here. I don’t know when, but I will return.

It has been another type of Camino. And there has been a great deal of self reflection. I’ve actually been able to gauge my development since Spain. Which is good. And I’ve also been able to have a good look at what is affecting me in my depression. What seems to trigger things.

But hopefully, I will have a good day in the water, no overheating, no equalisation issues, just a good, clean, dive. The water is beautiful and I have had fun. But more later.

Sunrise on Wednesday


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