Double bubble, toil and trouble. Day 3.

I missed the yoga on account of being asleep (yes, I was gone at 17:30 – which was really 21:30 for me, and after 2 long days of travelling…). But this means that I was wide awake at 3am (7am to my body), and allowed myself to “sleep in” for a few hours before sunrise (6:30/10:30am), and I went to watch the sun come up over Rinjani before 7am yoga class.

Sunrise over Gili Meno and Mt Rinjani
Sunrise over Gili Meno and Mt Rinjani

Much to my endless amusement, I’ve been told that the ferry crossing we had yesterday was one of the roughest they’ve had in a very long time. I know some people got really seasick on the trip, but I honestly didn’t think anything of it. The sea today, however, was completely flat.

Because my freediving course starts tomorrow, I decided to do an intro course to SCUBA today. See what it is like to swim with bubbles. For some reason, I’ve always thought of the BDU’s as being claustrophobic. I have much rather preferred the freedom of swimming and snorkelling on my own breath. It was an interesting and informative course.
We had a 45 min dive and swam with some turtles, fish, a ray, saw an eel… and a hundred million other SCUBA divers. The island is overrun with dive schools (both PADI and SSI), and they all jostle for the same diving spots. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – I had to keep remembering to tell myself to breathe (after the whole not-breathing, it was actually challenging) – and my oxygen usage at the end of the dive was more efficient than even the instructors! Now that I know what to expect, I may even collect some SCUBA qualifications along the way. I still far prefer freediving though. It’s more relaxing.

On a more upsetting note, the towel I bought myself as a souvenir from the AIDA Team World’s in Nice last year went for a walk while I was out on the dive. All our towels were hanging up together, but somebody decided they liked the look of mine. I’m fairly gutted about that. Had a good look and ask around, but nada.

Typical beach scene - looking towards Lombok
Typical beach scene – looking towards Lombok

I’m skipping shadow yoga tonight, as two lovely Aussies who finished the freediving intro course today and will be doing the level 2 with me tomorrow advised strongly against it. I heeded their advice and went and found some more watermelon juice and a nice big bowl of fried rice instead. Bushed by 19:30/23:30, and am falling asleep. I can see this becoming something of a trend.