Bali. Day 1.

So at the godforsaken time of 3:30 this morning, I hopped in a taxi and started my next big adventure. It has been a fairly tough week on the work front and I had actually fallen comfortably asleep around 7, but packing wasn’t done, so I managed to really mess with my circadian rhythms by forcing myself out of bed and finishing what I should have done days ago. Or probably have left it for the morning. Maybe not.

Packed and ready to go. 9.8kgs in total!

But I digress. Air New Zealand remains my favourite airline as Virgin was as bare bones as can be. The novelty there was the two food choices were lamb or vegetarian. And the curry was good. Spicy. I pitied those who did not like hot food. But nothing to give you any indication of progress, and lots of small kids on the flight.

Due to my miscalculation of time zones I arrived in Melbourne with enough time to be paged to board through to Bali. Turns out I only had 30 min and not 90 at Tullamarine. But 10 hours in transit and a hotel transfer later, and I was at my first stop: The Vira Bali hotel. With king sized bed, air conditioning, and balcony overlooking the pool. Nice.

Sunset on Kuta beach.

It is currently about 30 degrees with 80% humidity, and I am surprised at how mild I am finding it. Maybe New Caledonia cured me of my humidity intolerance. Maybe… Of course, being near water makes all the difference too. And being near the equator.

But an amazing Balinese massage (seriously. Amazing.) and pedicure later (how girly), it is half six here, so half 10 at home. I’m sitting at a restaurant on Kuta beach, watching the sunset and listening to a live music in the form of a piano man from the hotel next door. He has segued from Les Miserables to the études, to A New York State of Mind, and is now on Gershwin (Porgy & Bess). The veggie curry is not at all spicy, but the fresh watermelon juice is sublime. I don’t know what I expected from Bali, but having walked around Kuta now, I can’t say anything has surprised me.

Freshly crushed watermelon. God bless the tropics!

Tourists here seem to be exclusively British or Australian. It will be interesting to see what it is like in the Gilli’s tomorrow. 6am transfer to the ferry. Mind you, to my body, that would be 10am. I may even be up before my wake up call…

More as time, internet and general being allows. 🙂

The view from my balcony.

PS: pro tip. If you are a female and traveling alone – if anybody asks – you are married. Unless you want to be picked up by cab drivers/hotel staff/etc/security guards.