Breathing easier…

It’s been in the sort-of pipeline for months, but seeing as I put pen to paper today, I can now happily say I have a job when I finish up the maternity cover contract with my current employer next week. I have my very own project to occupy me for at least the next three months starting in February. It’s no secret that I love problem solving, and trying to build a better mousetrap (as it were) – leaving things better than they found them. This is one big Rubik’s cube from what I can glean from the outside. I should probably be more overjoyed that I am. That may come in time. But it’s a significant chunk of work, and a couple of months of pretty severe stress trying to find work means there is nothing but relief at the moment. So things are about to get a different type of hectic. I’m going back into change and project management – getting into the guts of the matter – with I’m gleeful about (I’ve been on relative BAU for the last month or so. It turns out me and BAU… not so much. Again, no surprises there).

This is possibly why I’m currently surrounded by wips at the moment. Lots of squishy yarn comprising cables, Oods, and lace. I’m project hopping (doesn’t make for significant progress, I can tell you). I think I’m going to concentrate on finishing my Strider, as it’s been on the needles the longest. I’m 8 rows away from the smaller size, but I have more than enough to do the full 4 repeats – so that’s going to happen. Then, Oods and the second sleeve of the Old Port, so that I can start another jumper for me guilt free. And all the while, my pi blanket (baby alpaca – so very light) keeps growing round by round, inch by inch. I’ve started the 92 row section, and I’m only on my 2nd skein of alpacky. It’s also taking 10 minutes a round. Tough going.

While I’m contentedly knitting through my wips, and enjoying the ability to finally breathe, I’m taking stock on some things being put into play in the next few months. Some have been in planning since November, others I’ve been pondering for the last few weeks. All will be revealed, as and when it’s worth telling. Once thing I will say is not going to the gym (yoga/pilates/swimming) is making me feel blah and unfit. I can see me having to start from scratch again. But since my new workplace is on the doorstep of my gym, I’m gleefully looking forward to a couple of lunchtime swims and a few weight sessions now and then because I can, and it’s right there.

What’s even better – I can justify a detour along the waterfront to work soon – something that I have missed since living in the CBD and working at the railway station. It was with a real pang of regret that I realised I wouldn’t be doing that walk when I moved to Thorndon. But now… the tables (and tides) have turned, and I can go be windswept in the morning. This makes me happy.

So new beginnings1, and I’m hoping to one day soon wake up and be stoked (as I should be), rather than emotionally exhausted from all the uncertainty (as I currently am). At least, now that I know why I’ve been feeling as I have, I can work on it.2 And get back on the goals bandwagon. There are things I’m going to achieve this year. January has been a holding pattern for me. February is when it all begins.

But for now, there’s a little tennis in the background (Djokovic is currenting pawning Ferrer in the 1st semi-final), and I’ve got a pattern repeat to finish. In Malabrigo Worsted Verde. Mmmmmmm. Malabrigo. So smooshy.

1Sorry. Disney earworm.
2Speaking of fixing things, and the Black Dog which has seemingly been haunting me with all of this: Check out Live More Awesome – it’s a brilliant approach and attitude towards depression, and that waterslide looks amazing. I’d love to give it a go.


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  1. hmmm more will be revealed. intriguing. i think im glad to hear about your new job…it sounds stressful but challenging, and challenging is always good. so is being able to pay the rent! and you must finish something so you can post a picture of a finished object!

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