To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife…

Happy New Year! It’s 2013, and we’ve all survived the zombie apocalypse that had nothing zombie-ish about it. We also survived not one, but two raptures (not to be confused with raptors).

After a beautiful, but blustery NYE in the capital (cancelling the fireworks. Again.), the first day of 2013 has graced us in a similar fashion to what the start of 2012 did: gusty (only, with less rain this time). Speaking of the beginning of 2012, I decided to take a trip down memory lane, and see what I wrote this time last year.

Food pr0n aside, it’s almost disgustingly similar. I went back to the Bay, only to have the former Cyclone Evan wreak havoc on my lovely summer escape – so I went to the pool to swim. (That 10 trip from last year still had some swims on it). Still breaststroke. Only this time, I’m in training. For this. Breaststroke.

Why yes, I have entered an ocean swim (1000m only, until I can do freestyle again) and will compete using one of the most inefficient ocean swimming strokes possible. I will never take the easy road until I have to.

Anyway. Yes, I was home. There was swimming. And packing the 40-odd kgs of books that I’m going to have shipped to Wellington. And the culling of vast swathes of cherries. Swathes. And lime and chilli rice crackers. And cricket was watched, tea was drunk, and general unwinding ensued. It was good. And it was a great time to reflect on what this year’s resolutions are going to be.

Would you believe that they are identical to last year’s? Although my #7 may have to change to yoga from boxing (with my injury record… yeah). But even more impressive is the fact that I didn’t break any of those resolutions. So let’s recap (Zipf’s law and all that) on what was last year’s resolutions, and my minor adjustment for this year:

  1. breathe
  2. don’t sweat the small stuff
  3. travel
  4. read
  5. cross a couple of things off that bucket list
  6. swim
  7. box (ankle injuries) yoga instead
  8. do more library stuff
  9. spend more time with friends
  10. more music concerts
  11. work on being more spontaneous (there is method to that contradictory madness)

The other amusing this is I started last year on a yarn diet, and I think I may have lasted a month at the most. This time I’m almost two months into my imposed knit-from stash until it is done (gifted yarn is still accepted, but cannot be touched until the stash is decimated, or I break). Surprisingly, I have yet to be tempted. There are too many things I want to make, and I have the yarn to do so. This year I need to stick to that.

All in all, 2012 was a fantastic year. Terrifying (in a good way) in several aspects of my personal and professional life. I dared, and in almost all cases, I succeeded. I did some things I never thought I would in my wildest dreams. And I made some of my dreams come true. Indeed, this song could sum up a great deal about last year (I wish these guys would hurry up and tour New Zealand again already). It is one of several I could have chosen, like this one, but you get the drift… It was also a trying year in some aspects, and one of learning. I hope the 2013 is one of continued learning, but without the trying episodes.

Some highlights of my 2012

I’m looking forward to many more fantastic adventures with some fine people who I call friends, and to continuing in my attempts to be mindful, calm, and patient with life. Here’s to 2013. What do you have in store for me?



  1. Oh, I wish there’d been raptors! How cool would that have been? And I love that there’s an ice cream/gelato shot at the Eiffel Tower in there.

    1. That gelato shot was taken specifically, and only, for you. (It was pistachio, btw). :p

  2. i can handle the learning, but with less of the trying would be good here too. may 2013 bring many more adventures. and gelato. from around the world!

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