These days of darkness which we have known will blow away in this new sun.

I can’t believe 2012 is nearly over. I go up north tomorrow for time with the family and the puppy and countless laps in the local aquatic centre and (hopefully) hours in the sun. I’m sure there will also be babies to cuddle, fruit to eat, and a book to finish.

I spent most of my walk home after work recapping the things I have done this year. And it has been quite an impressive list of places I have been and people I have met. As I sit in my beautiful apartment – my anchor and my space – I’m just marvelling at all the possibilities and opportunities for next year. There are a few on the horizon already, including an ocean swim and another go at the half in February.

My feet are also getting itchy again. I had to laugh – I have a fairly windy and steep pedestrian path up a hill to get home now, and for some reason today it reminded me of the first damned hill on the outskirts of Sarria that just wouldn’t end, which had, in turn, reminded me of the seeming millions of stairs on the trail up Mt Kaukau. I was really worried that most of the trip through Spain would just be an absolute blur – but I’m just so happy (and surprised) at how much of the little things have remained, and are quite clear. I could close my eyes and redo the walk quite easily in my head. My pile of photos has been great to sort through and look at too. But they also make me want to travel again.

My next planned adventure (next year if I’m lucky enough, 2014 if I’m not) will be coastal Croatia and possibly Montenegro. For this, I lay the blame squarely on a fantastic documentary series called Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage (2008). I absolutely loved his section on Croatia – and the history of the area is just fascinating. And it’s beautiful. And warm. And yeah. I may just be able to hop across to Venice as well. Murano glass, anybody?

But there will be more, I’m sure. The Alexander Exhibition in Sydney is well worth some consideration, as is visiting friends in Canberra (maybe), Dunedin (possibly), and Melbourne (certainly). There are books to read, and my stash to knit from. I’m also going to do more yoga and learn more French. This year has proved to me that old adage nothing ventured, nothing gained is all true. And as scary as it can be, it is also quite rewarding. Can’t wait to see what else is around the corner.

I’ll do something about photos and knitting progress (my pi blanket is coming along swimmingly, as are the ood socks), and a good old recap of the year once I’m up in the sultry Bay. For now, I’ve the last of my packing and tidying to do, and photos to reminisce over.

Until next time.


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  1. it has been a Year hasnt it? who knew so much could happen in only 365 days. im glad its been mostly good for you, in terms of knowledge gained, and heres hoping 2013 brings more of the same. xx

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