Waiting on a grey day in Sydney-town.

It’s nearly 8:30am, here in Sydney. I’ve been pondering the world since 5, which my body tells me is 7am, and, in New Zealand, would have been right.

This is the most miserable weather that I have encountered in NSW, in all my visits, and a quick peek out the window confirms things: it’s grey and drizzly. Not much of an improvement on the heavy rain we arrived in, but enough for me to be considering gumboots for the music festival I’m here for.

I really should be excited: my planner for the festival is full: I even have a clash – Beck is playing the same time as Ben Folds… on opposite sides of Parramatta Park. Luckily, there are no clashes with Sígur Ros, and I am really looking forward to the sound and light show there!

But I’m not going to be seeing my Sydney friends, and this does make me a wee bit sad. Of course, two are in Melbourne and will finally meet one of my other most favourite Australians, so I’m excited for them for that.

I guess this means a decent walk about the Rocks and Circular Quay, the botanic gardens and Pitt Street tomorrow. And Kinokuniya.

But it’s been a very full-on week, and to be perfectly honest, this break could not have come at a more inopportune time. I go straight back into NDF 2012 on Monday, with a bucketload of prep to still do for my Tuesday presentation.

There is too much to be thinking about to just leave everything behind for a weekend. Still, I’m here, and I have had this planned for months. I really hope it’s worth it.

Waiting for a city to wake up is really no fun though. Especially when it’s miserable outside.

Here’s hoping it improves.


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