With tendrils of possibility…

Weeks of silence, and suddenly I’m posting twice in consecutive days! What’s that about? Possibly the fact that I’m actually sleeping again, or that I’ve just (fingers crossed) finished a cover letter for possibly the biggest job application of my life, or maybe going through my knitting library online and the books I have here (I need to bring the rest of my paper library with me when I come back after Christmas) has inspired me.

I was quite stunned when I went through my favourites on Ravelry. Some of them date back to 2008. Yet, I can remember putting them there like it was yesterday. I was looking at some of the dates going, No… that can’t be right. Can it? And then mentally re-jigging my project yarn. I can see some decent organisation of projects on the horizon… Knitting with Woolen Mill St Yarns now, and having just finished some socks in Tash’s amazing Knitsch sock has just reminded me how much I love making things, and how much I enjoy creating things for other people. Although, there are some big projects on the horizon pour moi. I haven’t done too much this year. But I need to make more time for the things I love to do, and re-addressing my needles more often is definitely something I look forward to doing.

I’ve also slurped several Camino-relevant blog posts to Blurb to tinker with and add photos from our trip to make a decent photo book. I’m badgering James to do something about the 20-odd pages of notes he still has to post to add to said book, but it’s coming along nicely. I’m looking forward to getting it finished and showing it off. I may need to actually print some photos in the meanwhile, but he at least didn’t look at me as though I was insane when I casually mentioned I want to walk it again (in a few years). Okay, maybe he did when I said I wanted to start in France. But that’s besides the point. Never mind. I’ll give ya’ll a sneak peak of my pretty book when it’s nearing the end of its creative process.

I’m going to the Mumford & Sons concert tonight. I am still loathe to call them folk. Indie, yes. Folk… meh. Maybe in some cases. I am terribly excited about this concert. They’re not on my bucketlist of bands to see live, but they sure as hell should be. They use a double bass. This makes me exceedingly happy. I have a soft spot for the double bass. Any band that is going to use one is automatically awesome in my books. From all accounts too, these guys are amazing live. Okay, I’m going to put the fangirl away for a little while. Still. Teeheehee.