Tea and knitting in bed

I can’t remember the last time I woke up early on a Saturday, made a cup of tea, and went back to bed. It is miserable outside – and I will be venturing out to see people and places and do things later – but for now, I have a pair of Ood socks to test knit and a bucket list revision to organise.

Ahead of my accepted challenged of busting my stash before acquiring any more (or see how long I last before I fold), I snaffled some last-minute yarn for projects that have been queued but yarnless. (Gift yarn can still be accepted, but goes into new stash, not to be touched until old stash is finished/I have broken). Now that is done, and I’m also pondering creating a 4ply version of leftovers, or starting a Beekeeper’s Quilt. I will admit – I’m honestly looking forward to this challenge. This also means I need to finish several projects that have been languishing half-finished in my project basket, especially my Old Port (I may make this my finish-before-the-new-year project), and then working through my Ravelry queue of big pieces, and small pieces. And possibly even attempting the 12 pairs of socks in 12 months challenge again (especially now that I see the value of the 2 socks on a circ. Brilliant!)

But it is November, and we of the Scorpios are celebrating the festival of us. Some more than others, but I do need to acknowledge that I will be of an age that ends in a “0” in this next week. And that this 30th year that I have had so far has been fantastic. I set out to make it an awesome year, and to this point, it has been all that. I’m currently sorting photos from my trip to Spain and France with James, and wow, it really was fantastic.

So now I need to think about what I want to do for this next year. What do I want to aim to achieve. Where do I want to go. How do I want to experience things? I have met some amazing people this year, and done some really fun things. Like jumping off the pier in Day’s Bay. Doing the canyon swing in Taupo. Walking a fast half marathon in Wellington. Pinching a cute Dutch photographer’s butt in Nice (and still not getting that autograph). But the Round the Bays is open again, and I find myself tempted. Just like I have to admit, I’d love to walk the Camino again, but this time starting the Camino Frances in St Jean Pied de Port and climbing the Pyrenees to Roncesvalles. It won’t be next year. It may be 2014. Qui sait? Still, I have plenty to do and see here – I just need to think about what I do want to do.

But it is November: there is cricket to watch. People to celebrate. Sunny weather to look forward to. Fun to be had.

And I really need to spring clean.



  1. it is miserable this side of the ditch too, and i stupidly ventured out it in. bah. there is so much possibility out there, really. so many things to see and do. i think finishing old port is a good place to start though! happy festival of us!

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