A conversation, a question, and a challenge…

I was asked, over the weekend, how long it would take me to knit my whole stash as it currently stands – both my hoards here and in the Bay – without adding to it. Of course, I needed clarification on some points such as, expected frequency of knitting, etc, etc… and I came to a guesstimate of about 3 years. Maybe slightly more, maybe slightly less. And then the thought of not buying any yarn for the next three years sent me into a slightly panic before I acknowledged the fact that the sun would sooner rise in the west than I not buy yarn for an extended period of time.

Yet. I’m still pondering this. How much yarn do I have, and how long would it last me without my adding to its already full-to-bursting coffers here in the Capital? As I was explaining, 99% of my yarn is project yarn. i.e. bought with a particular pattern in mind. Admittedly, there is a lag of some years in some of those patterns, and I can think of 3 or 5 skeins in the Bay that I could actually de-stash without any guilt. I may just do that too…

SO what of it? A challenge it certainly is, and there are several things in queue that do need to be knit. (Admittedly I really should be finishing things on the needles first).

I am considering making this my next long term goal. And seeing how it takes before I cannot take any more. I’m proposing starting on the 8th of November (it gives me some time to really reconcile myself to this madness), and seeing how before I break.

What do you all think of this?



  1. I can’t do it, the cold sheep thing. I probably need to, because I reckon I could knit for 20 years and since have yarn left. But anyway. That’s why I domy stash honesty thing every month – because it doesn’t stop me from buying yarn, but it does make me think twice (or even three times) about buying yarn, and mostly I don’t buy it. But flat out denial? I can’t do it! But good luck to you – I suspect you have much more willpower than I do!

  2. I agree with RoseRed. While being a hoarder is a bit extreme, I think our stash is about inspiration, not just ‘project yarn’. Sometimes there’s yarn that you just like. That should be okay. I’ve slowed down a lot, but I enjoy ferreting about the stash when I have an idea for socks or something. I’m also consciously trying to knit up the stash, but there’ll always be stash… I have to have something there for my retirement!

  3. i think you dont have a big enough stash to warrant either stash guilt or knitting only from stash. if Someone Else was writing this post, maybe 🙂 but i do think its a good idea to look to stash first when starting a new project. or every so often reminding oneself whats in there, i did that the other day and remembered stuff i’d forgotten, so i wont be buying anything for a while, mostly because i really like what i have!

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