A piece I did for Sally. It came dangerously close to becoming an Oscar acceptance speech…


By Shelley Gurney (Twitter, Linkedin)

I was never not going to be a librarian. From the cradle – it was all about books. When I was a toddler, you had to forcibly remove me – kicking and screaming – from the stacks of the local library, and when I discovered how to read… lordy! The saints preserve us all. I was unstoppable.

At the end of 2nd form, we had a “most likely to” competition in class. My peers unanimously voted that I (surprise, surprise), would be a librarian. And so my time, if not on a sports field or in a classroom was in a library, as an assistant, or as a patron. That simple.

But I never actually seriously thought I’d *be* a librarian.  Libraries were all I had known, and were as familiar to me as my own home. DDC numbers, processing books, shelving…

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