Au revoir, France. It’s been grand.

So I’m sitting at Charles du Gaulle (sha-do-gu, as pronounced in these parts), having checked in 6 hours before just to be in a warm place with comfy seats.

my view for some of the morning

I have said so before, and will do so again: I’m not a fan of Paris, and therefore do not have much time for her. After some reading in the Jardin du Luxembourg, I had a galette at the Pantheon, and went to visit Le Bon Marche – and their prices for Noro and Rowan were double what we pay in the antipodes. I was stunned. But it surely must be all about the store name in the case… Surely.

autumn comes to Paris

But after a morning of frustration, it’s good to be en route home.

The Medici fountain

I think James shares my sentiments. We can now avoid each other until the therapy sessions from the trauma of travelling together have ended, our bank balances have recovered, and more plots are planned. I know I’ll need therapy from his singing in public everywhere. (I’ve told him, he says that my words cut deep). But he has some soapbox sessions to write, and I have linen to knit.

Queen Mathilda, duchess of Normandy, wife of William the Conqueror

So, that’s it from France. Thanks for reading! Normal transmissions about mundane things such as life in Wellington, books, knitting, food, and other sundry items will commence, with a few recap posts added, as soon as the jet lag has been dealt with. Stay tuned however, there are still plenty of mad cap adventures before the year ends.

let's hear it for awesome graffiti!

A bientôt!



  1. Your adventures have all sounded very grand! And all with extra summer too, you lucky thing.

    Have you been able to locate the 30yo whiskey?

  2. That’s it – I’ll have to go to Paris with you next time. You’ve obviously missed the best bits! 😉 Although, I do love the little French towns… I need to go again…

  3. its odd really, i have never felt the urge to visit paris like say, rome. i wonder if its because of the french people? i like the sound of you knitting linen, cant wait to see what you’re working on. and it will be good to have you back in this part of the world. travel safe.

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