A little piece of paradise

It was our last day on the Côte d’Azur, and we decided to spend it at the beach. James had gone to Villefranche-sur-mer while I had been at the freediving, and I was determined have one last day with the sea and the sand. And so I did.

my view into the beach filled up

I managed quite a bit of swimming, a fair way out, and a great deal of just floating in silence. Nothing but me and the water, and it was glorious. If I had remembered to pack a mask, I would have gone for a walk on the bottom, but just being in the water was good enough.

The weather up north doesn’t look too promising, but we have been so lucky with close to 3 weeks of cloudless days, and I have loved being in hot weather again.

boats and yachts in the harbour

After 4 hours on the beach, we decided to park ourselves at a harbourside cafe for a while, and then explored the old town.

peeking at the harbour from the old town

Villefranche-sur-mer is stunning. It’s quiet and secluded, but 1 stop out of Nice. It was the best of my trips so far. Just for the swimming.

And then, with time to kill, I may have hit a few shops. So did James. I was far too poor when I visited the UK in ’08 to buy anything, but the clothing here is cheaper, more colourful, and well made than what we get at home. So I’ve been stocking up on basics. And dresses, for some unknown reason, I’ve been buying dresses.

Maybe it’s because French women in their heels, shift dresses, made up just so with the hair, the tan and the scarf, are just so masterful at making you feel frumpy. I’m sure they take classes in it. But I got dress envy. It has become a problem, and with Tuesday being shopping day in Paris (Banana Republic, here I come), things could get interesting.

But, we’re in a first class couchette – a 4 bed bunk for the 11-hour trip on the TGV to Paris. No showers, no hot water, no plugs to charge phones. At least our terminus, Paris Austerlitz, has hot showers – it’s going to be a long night.

Nice, towards Antibes and Cannes

So a bientôt, Provence, it’s been an experience. Tomorrow it will be Chartres and Paris, and good old Aotearoa on Friday. I’m excited.



  1. i love the idea of it being hot enough to wear little shift dresses and sandals. and then go swimming in that water! swoon!

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