Life on the Med.

Aix is Cézanne country.

Aix did not impress me. Possibly because of the 4km walk to the hotel as it was faster than trying to figure out which bus to catch, and it was gridlock when we got in, or maybe travel fatigue got me too, and I didn’t have enough time in the city to really appreciate it.

Aix had some lovely sculptures and fountains

I found a gem down Rue Joseph Cabassol – an English language bookshop – and promptly bought two books to keep me occupied. I’ve seen them both in passing, and now was the perfect opportunity to read them.


I also caught up with another kiwi, the lovely Julia, who is in Aix on a language course (so envious), and we plotted a very early Saturday morning in Nice to catch the last event of the AIDA freediving world team championships: the dynamic with fins (I’ll explain more when I’m not writing on my phone), but anyway it should be quite an exciting event, and I’m looking forward to seeing quite a few names in action, but that will be a blog post of its own.

crazy sculptures stalk the city...

From a quick lunch with Julia at the feet of the statue of the Arts on Cours Mirabeau, there was a train trip to Marseille (where they served proper Italian hot chocolate at the station, not this Nesquik stuff they’ve been giving me all over France and Spain – yes, I had a moment), and a transfer to the Nice train for a trip up the coast to Antibes, where we can see Cannes on the right, and Nice on the left.

There may have been tears of joy

And the are white sandy beaches.

Thank heavens I have learnt to lie on a beach. Trust me, it took a while, but Scorching Bay and Oriental Parade have taught me well.

Yachts... and sun, and sand, and sea

It was a little blustery last night, but the day dawned bright, clear, and still, and the beach called.

looking towards Cannes

So, 6 hours, several swims, and some of my tan lines evened out, and we’re planning to hop on a bus to Cannes for dinner, and to catch a train to Monte Carlo tomorrow. And maybe another dip in the Med.

I think she's such a lovely sculpture

I think this is James’ idea of a perfect holiday. I could do this for maybe a day or two, but any more just lying around would drive me insane. I need to be doing stuff in/on the water. But it has been good to doze in moderate warmth (it was 25 today), and lie in this morning.

from the front.

So. Cannes tonight. And I have lifestyles of the rich and famous as my current earworm, and if you saw the sheer size of some if these superyachts, you’d understand why.

Au revoir!



  1. Montreal finally put lifestyles of the rich and famous over the edge for me! But I love that stretch of coastline. Good times!

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