Sur le pont, on y dans…

...and yet nobody looked at me oddly as I pirouetted on cobbles.

Today I danced on a bridge to nowhere in the middle of the Rhône River. Right ankle now strapped, it was fun. Even with cobblestones.

Some small fish along the Pont.

I also saw plenty of fish, including one giant trout (James will back me up on his size) who surfaced, swam a few lazy circles, and retired to the depths. He was magnificent.

The pont d'Avignon

The Palais des Papes was also sublime. The immensity of the construction of amazing, and its history fascinating. I lost James fairly early on in the palace, but we both enjoyed wandering the halls and rooms individually.

The dining hall.
The Grand Chapel

It was a place out of my history books, and to put so much of my mediaeval history into context was fantastic.

We then wandered the streets whilst waiting for our TGV to Aix-en-Provence. And I found this. I have no comment, other than Eden Park = pink bow. Really?

French flair. Est. 1987. yup.
This has given me great amusement

And so we bid au revoir to Avignon, I will return again. It is a stunning old ville, and there are still many nooks and crannies to explore.

The TGV to Aix was great: 25 min all told instead of the 2 hour trip via Marseille. But the sign posting for the shuttles into the city from the TGV station were incomprehensible, and the 40 min walk to the hotel not something I care to repeat. At least there was a pool, and the bed is fantastic.

Tomorrow I have lunch with another kiwi, who is doing something I’d love to do, and then we’re finding a spot on the coast to blob for two days. James has had enough of travel, foreign languages, and bad coffee. He wants to go home. Maybe the Mediterranean will placate him.

I do agree though. As far as quality of hospitality and food goes, we Wellingtonians are spoilt. As for the cost of everything else, it’s daylight robbery at home – even with the exchange rate.

Bon nuit!



  1. Looked like SUCH fun, thanks for sharing. (Not the twisted ankle bit 🙂 Did you do that dancing? Old age creeping…?

    1. It is fun! Hope people are enjoying the updates. 🙂

      The ankle is actually a burst Achilles bursa (done with 92km left to walk on the Camino. A real challenge!)

  2. Some of those buildings appear to be inhabited by gigantic stone bats! Food and coffee is always a bit tricky in Europe – it takes ferreting. Mind, the food in Italy was glorious… as long as I stayed away from where we were recommended to go. 🙂 The little villages really have it, though. Keep dancing!

  3. It looks and sounds like you are enjoying the trip of a lifetime. I’m glad it turned out to be everything you expected it to be.

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