Day four: mind over matter

James seems to be better today, he was certainly walking freely.

We left the hotel before they opened for breakfast (they all only start serving at 8), and were up on a rise when the bells started to ring.

My calves are on fire today, so thank heavens it was a quiet, short stage. We reached A-Rua Arca O Pino just before midday, having left Aruza at 7:45, and had a good break for breakfast around 9.

The route notes got today and tomorrow mixed up: tomorrow is the 18km walk into Santiago, and today was 15km through farmland.

I don’t quite know really, if I can say I’ve learnt anything profound about myself after completing 100km already, other than I would do it all again tomorrow.

With different shoes. And carrying my own pack. Staying in the albergues and enjoying that element of the Camino. And doing it at this time of the year.

I haven’t packed anything I haven’t used, and I haven’t missed anything that I left behind. That, I am more than a little impressed with. In fact, I could have even packed less. This trip has proven how little you actually do need: there will be some serious weeding when I get home.

One amusing side note is the song stalking me: Michael Buble’s version of Kissing a Fool. They had it on the Air France flight, it followed me around Paris. It was in the playlist on the Vueling flight, and at dinner in Palas de Rei. I hear it now and laugh. Especially since a gaggle of German lasses started singing Quando, Quando, Quando at the cafe at breakfast. Am I supposed to be listening to bubble boy again? Really?

So I’m sitting here, working on negating my fetching sock tan line, and enjoying the break, because it is precisely what I have needed for a long, long, time.