Day three, nobody said it was easy…

Today has been the day from hell. A very, very long walk (31km) in hot sun with lots of hills and strapped feet. Yet that’s the only thing that aches for me. (Endlessly alternating between reciting the Rosary – yes, I remember it – and several buddhist chants worked wonders for mind over matter).

James ended up at the emergency department for an injection after his rash got so bad he could hardly walk. Our last 5 km took 2 hours. Here’s hoping what the doctor gave him helps, but he’s banned from the sun from the rest of the trip.

For me, blister pads, deep heat, and compression bandages are the order if the day. We have about 36km left to Santiago, over 2 days: climbing the highest point in Galicia on one of them, and into the city the next day. They’re both short days in comparison, but that means nothing with this trail.

We passed our halfway point (around 57.5km), and the 50km to go today. All I can say is, by the end, I was counting markers.

Half done.

So. Dinner then an early night. Sore legs, and a James in agony. This is going to be a fun two days.

Yet  I’m loving every second of this. Aches, dust, sunburn, and all!



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