Ravthlete 2012

Having finished my maillot jaune for Le Tour in a record 20 days for me, I turned my attention to the Ravelympic Ravellenic Games. I entered 3 events. And I have medals for 3 events. Hooray!

My lovely Bandana Cowl:

So smooshy!

My finally(!) finished Kells sock from Janel Laidman’s Sock club (aka Skellig, were finally wrestled into submission. 2 years later:

w00t! more socks! *Cashmere* merino socks. So lovely.

My glorious Vivian will rise again, but not in this incarnation. It took a disturbingly short amount of time to frog her. Less than 5 minutes, in fact.

The body, and one full sleeve…
All yarn-caked and thinking about what it wants to be.

So, 4 KAL objectives reached in the last 6 weeks. And a couple of booties have been done in-between patterns. I know I should get the second Old Port sleeve done, but I’m already looking ahead. What’s next?! If I take plain vanilla socks with me (which is entirely likely) – which yarn should I take? Some VP, or maybe Needlefood? (Pukeko is nudging me), or some of my Knitsch… I have some Odelay (or do I save that for Harvest 2012?), or Idris, or the Dark Side, or Pencarrow, or… I’m going to have to have a good long ponder over my sock stash (yes, I know, sock yarn isn’t stash, but for the sake of this, it is), and see what calls to me. Decisions, decisions…

And now I go into travel planning mode. Crossing t’s dotting i’s. Trying to anticipate all those things I could forget in the next 2 weeks.

I know I’m missing something…. but what is it?!

I leave you with this lovely photo I took from Queen’s Wharf, Petone yesterday. It was a stunning, stunning day. A highlight of a lovely weekend even.

The fish are being very helpful, holding rods in place on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

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  1. go you on the OLYMPIC knitting and frogging! i think you should take something thats going to be kind of significant to your trip, a colour that will remind you of where you were when you knitted them maybe? not long now!!

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