21 Days to go…

Hello my pretties. Time has flown, and there is some to talk about.

July has definitely been a month of sport and sleep deprivation – Le Tour was as stunning as always. A few surprises and Wiggo leading from the fore – but Van Garderen and Froome were absolute revelations! And in my TdFKAL2012 maillot jaune challenge – I finished my heavily modded sweater in a whole 20 days – (photos to come, but I have already worn it – very happy with it). I’ve had Stephanie Japel’s Bluebell Boatneck in my queue for years, and this was the perfect opportunity. So at least I’ve one sweater for me this year.

July/August has brought with it the Ravellenic Games, and I’m in the CowlJump (a Bandana Cowl in Spud and Chloe Sweater), the Frog Trapeze (Vivian was going nowhere), and WIP Wrestle (I need to finish Skellig so I can start some new socks guilt free). The Bandana Cowl was the ridiculously quick knit. I would have done it in all over 3 hours yesterday. Didn’t like the cast-off though, so I redid it with a sewn bind off – so much better and so very smooshy. My Vivian was then relegated to the frogged pile in a disturbingly short amount of time as I yarn-caked straight from the item (Now to try think about what to do with all that lovely turquoise Cascade 220…Maybe something striped with my leftover Provence?) And when I’ve now turned the heel on Skellig, so it’s a few more cables and I’m heading for the finish line. So that’s all quite exciting. And so are the London Games. And the cricket. But I’m feeling a little bereft now, what am I going to do with my sports withdrawal?

I shouldn’t worry too much – in 21 days I’ll be flying off to walk the Camino, and ride horses on the Camargue. There’s a whole other set of things to be mildly concerned about. I still maintain that I won’t be taking any knitting with me… But some of my fondest memories of my quest to find Strider with Becky was the knitting on the train, and the bus, and during quiet moments… I just wonder if James would have any issues being seen in public with me, brightly coloured yarn, and pointy needles? Still. I maintain that I will be strong (for now. I can see my resolve crumbling in the next few weeks) – there are some socks I need to be test knitting…

But yes. France. Spain. Sun. Rain. Outdoors. Food. Photos. 3 weeks of fun and introspection. I can’t believe how quickly it has come up. It seems like last week that another crazy ex-South African decided that he, too, was mad enough to scratch the pilgrim trail off his bucketlist. We now have to work out our wishlists of places to go and things to see. But I think we’re both secretly looking forward to lunches of baguette, cheese, tomatoes, and red wine most of all. And I’m looking forward to the tan I will have when I return. (I will have a tan. I am determined).

But at the moments it’s all plodding along. I have socks and booties on the needles, and my Old Port looking longingly at me (when I finish Skellig I’ll do something about the second sleeve and the yoke). But I should have pretty photos to show off soon.

Because honestly, I’m still alive. I’m just quietly getting more freaked out with every passing day. 21 days to go. How did this happen?



  1. oh swoon. walking, horse riding, red wine, cheese…and of course take the knitting. can you imagine how many great conversations with locals you’ll spark. definitely take the knitting. also, it might rain a lot. cant wait to see the pictures, and hope the introspection proves fruitful. i am dreading the end of the summer of sport though. surely theres a rugby test series happening somewhere?

  2. Give in! Knitting the memories into the woolly things is part of the fun! I love that I’ve knitted the Globe experience into my socks. It’s brilliant. Very envious of the horse riding – wish I could be there with you guys!

  3. I think you must take knitting – perhaps plain knee high socks? Then you won’t have to worry about a pattern, so is very little fuss. And relatively small and portable. Practically weighs nothing, really!

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