Of mindfulness and bookshelves

Autumn has finally arrived. The scarves and shawls are out. I’ve several cowls in my rav queue, and I’ve already worn my leather gloves. I also have a pair of lovely purple-with-red-button cuffs from across the ditch from my fairy godmother and my god-puppy, which are getting some mileage at the moment, and will get more over the next few months. Especially with the crutches.

Yes. You saw right, dear reader, crutches. A nightmare come true for me. Not being able to walk. My own fault, really. Only I could injure myself walking. Or rather, dramatically aggravate a previous injury I had thought recovered. Not so. I have learnt my lesson, and paying my penance. I sit with ankle, Achilles, and knee being iced, and a packet of Oreos (not yet opened) – but within arm’s reach – for comfort. Of course, if I’m very good, which I intend to be, my ankle should be ship-shape and ready for Spain and France in time. But I will in the meanwhile learn the value of taking my time, and learning to ask for help when I need it. Pride and bloody-mindedness (which got me into this mess in the first place) can sometimes make life difficult. And I’m learning that it’s okay to let other people do things for you. Which remains a surprise for me. I have some amazing friends. And that’s something else to be very thankful for.

So, instead of conquering the world, I’ve got some books to conquer, and some knitting. Both baby blankets are done and have been gifted. (I really hope they’re liked). One beanie is done, and another, as you can see, is in progress.

My bedside bookshelf – things to conquer before September comes.

Then it’s on to socks and finishing my sweater. (And those cowls). I’m about 1/3 of the way through And the ass saw the angel by Nick Cave. Some find his style of writing disconcerting. I’m finding it much like my own, which is a different kind of disconcerting, but he is a fine storyteller. I’m also trudging through Where angels fear to tread by E.M. Forster. I’m sorry, I’m finding this a very tedious read – and for something so small… it’s taking me forever. And I keep having to start over with The Mother Tongue. One of these days, I’m just going to read it in one sitting, but it’s so very fact heavy, I don’t want to miss anything. sigh. So many books, so little time.

And what next? I’m presenting a paper at the Waikato/BOP Weekend School in two weeks time, back home in Whakatane, and I can’t wait! (We’re also going to get to see the new Library/GLAM-type building before the official opening – something I’ve been looking forward to for years). I have spent many hours studying in the old library, so I am very excited to see how they’ve put together the new space. I should probably start putting all my research together and refining it into 20 minutes of easy-to-understand nuggets about metadata, the Semantic Web, and where cataloguing analogue and digital information may be going… but another viewing of Star Trek (and knitting) is calling today. I may just spend tomorrow playing with fun library stuff.

I can also start working through my WIPS and queue. I’m not really a patient person, although, learning to be mindful is helping. I just wish it wasn’t such a frustrating lesson to learn.



  1. I love the smell/feeling of new libraries. (or old ones for that matter!) Having other people take care of you is not easy, at least not for me. I am the caretaker, not the taken-care-of. I feel guilty somehow for asking for help. Give in and let people help. It’s easier than arguing with them about it!

    And I hope you leg/ankle/foot heals in time for the trip.

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