Of books to read and choices to make…

There’s nothing like curling up in your lovely futon, listening to one of your favourite albums (The Crane Wife, fyi – although I’m dipping into all the albums at the moment. This one is just lovely), and soldiering on through the long final rounds of the second blanket. The second always takes longer than the first. This isn’t Second Sock/Sleeve Syndrome: it’s second blanket syndrome. I will prevail though!

This is possibly because I just haven’t had the time or the energy to pick up my needles recently. But, the siren songs of the books next to my bed are starting to drown out all rational thought, so I must finish this lovely piece of squishy goodness and pay my reading some attention.

It’s an eclectic mix at the moment:

So I need to appease the reading monster before addressing something that occurred to me on our walk around the South Coast: I am in dire need of fingerless gloves. My sole last pair were made in Jet many, many, many moons ago in a galaxy very far away, and have subsequently felted and look just plain sad. I’m thinking Toasty, eventually. Or possibly my very own pair of Dashings. Such a glorious pattern I’ve wanted to make again forever. Although I have been smitten with the Michaelmas Mitts for an age now (oh look! buttons!). Actually, I’ve been enamoured with that entire Fall’08 issue of Knitscene, but I digress. There are cowls and mitts and hats to knit when I’ve read my fill.

Speaking of reading and seguing into libraries, I’m presenting at the LIANZA Waikato/BOP weekend school on deciphering Metadata and the Semantic Web next month (it’ll be my second weekend school, and this one is at home in the new library – very excited to see what they’ve done with the space). And I’ve submitted to talk (briefly) about Metadata, the Semantic Web, FRBR, and RDA at the National Digital Forum Conference in November. I would give my back teeth (if I still had them) to be at this conference, let alone present. So – fingers crossed. It would be excellent to have a very valid excuse to brush the cobwebs off my penchant for the technical side of digital information management. I may even have a serious look at Java/XML stuffs when I have a breather. I have the books and the notes, I just need to do it.

The weather is definitely turning, and the woollens are coming out of the closet. Hopefully I’ll have more to blog about as I finish some things and start others.

Until next time. 🙂


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  1. Second *blanket* syndrome??? That’s horrifying!!! Don’t go there!

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