Catching up on the gossip.

Woosh! And suddenly the weeks have flown by with a blink of an eye. I’ve been knitting madly, and resting up various injured body parts (and by resting, I mean swimming 1km laps of breaststroke to stop myself going completely insane).

Work remains fantastic. I love library work. Almost as much as I love consulting work. Now I need to find a way to put them both back together. I’m dipping my fingers back into the pool of RDFa, and all things metadata-ry again, and you know what? The water’s just fine thank you.

In more exciting news, tickets to France and Spain have been bought and paid for. I’m told it was 180 days last Friday. And then these arrived in the post on Monday.

Things are starting to become very real.

And we’re just about to sort our accommodation for 6 nights in Nice. Ah. It’s actually happening. How cool is that?

And the sprogs I was knitting for have graced the world with their presence, and have had their cardis and booties gifted. (I’m told the buttons were a winner, which makes me feel *so* relieved). I forgot to take photos, but I may be lucky and acquire some at a later date. The booties live up to their pattern’s reputation, and I think are going to become a standard addition to my automatic knitting repertoire. And that Collinette Jitterbug shawl blocked beautifully. What drape. *swoon* It really is stunning yarn to work with. And I have two more skeins of the beautiful stuff. Wonderful.

Morello and Pencarrow Swallowtail Shawl.

And the first of my grand projects is done, and the second is about 30% done now. As usual, Wolle’s Yarn Creations just outdoes all my expectations. It was a joy to knit with, to wash and to block. I hope this and it’s counterpart get years of service too.

Soft and squishy cotton, and my favourite lace pattern = perfect.

I’m hoping to get the majority of blanket two done this long weekend, and at knit night tonight out at HRYC. Then, it’s scarf and sock time. And maybe, just maybe, sleeve time for my long hibernated Old Port. I’m nearly, nearly there. I really should just suck it up and get it all done. Soon. Soon it will happen.

But, since I’m returning to normal transmissions, I’m sure there is much I have forgotten dear reader, that I will tell you in the near future. But for know, I have a hot cross bun to eat, and a few rows to knit. Hope you all have lovely weekends.

Until next time.



  1. Oh what I wouldn’t do for a hot cross bun right now… Beautiful lace by the way! I’ve ordered yarn and am about to embark on my first lace knitting experience!

  2. Oh, an overseas trip! I am so envious!

    Both of those shawls are just gorgeous. I agree with you entirely on Jitterbug and the fir cone lace. Beautiful.

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