Another one bites the dust

Yes, dear readers, I’ve been silent for a while, not for the lack of things to write about, but because of things being so busy.

Work is, despite the insanity, awesome. I’m enjoying having my very own library to play with, fix, and make better. And I’m going to enjoy it while I can. I know what I’m doing (finally, something where this is the case), and I’m getting things done. My staff are a lovely group of people, and once they’re comfortable with the new system, they’ll be unstoppable.

I’ve also been going to knit nights again, at my local, out in Petone, at HRYC which celebrated it’s first birthday on Wednesday/Thursday. Thank heavens for Tash and her awesomeness. We’re so lucky to have her here in the city. So the commissions have been going brilliantly. I’m just about up to the lily of the valley border of a Swallowtail in some of the Colinette Jitterbug (Morello Mash) I picked up last year during my WWKIP visit to Sydney to add to the package. It is such a beautiful colour! I’m also sewing buttons (that I scored from HRYC – YAY! – onto some jumpers knit in DK Smootie (I’m going to miss that yarn), and seaming the last of the Baby booties/socks (in VP Bear’s Bunker and Glacial Stream). So knitting is happening!

And things are being crossed off the bucketlist. In preparation for the Camino, James and I decided to enter the Round the Bays. Initially, it was just going to be the 7km fun run. And then, at the end of this trial walk of 7km (please note, we only did this twice – that was the total of our training), we decided we could ace the 21km half marathon, and entered the walking category. The race sort of sat there, ethereal and distant, until Friday, when this happened:

Oh sh*t. I have a shirt and a number. I'm actually going to have to do this, aren't I?

I picked up my race pack. And it sat on my desk at work, staring at me. What have I done? Today only dawned after I had my espresso (when the sun finally rose of Wellington). It was a 5:45am wake up to meet at 6:30, to get my knee and ankle strapped by the great guys from Rocktape – I don’t mind plugging them because that stuff was fantastic! I must get some – grabbing an espresso, dropping off my bag, and stretching. There we were at the start line, at 7:50am, James running on a mince and cheese pie and a bottle of mizone; me – on an espresso, 2 bobby bananas, and a bottle of lucozade – looking at each other and laughing hysterically. He is as mad as a hatter to actually think that my mad-cap plans are a good idea.

And we did that the whole 21km. There was no wind, there was sun and high cloud, but it wasn’t too hot. Wellington put on a perfect day for us. And we danced at the check points (well, I did anyway), we sang – The Rock Party Anthem, Eye of the Tiger, Party Mega Mix, Mr Vain, Chariots of Fire, and something else. We had a great time. We joked, and we overtook people. In fact, I feel almost guilty that we dA fair amount, actually. And we finished in what some say is a pretty impressive time. Unofficially, 2 hours 43 minutes (official times will be published tomorrow, but we crossed the start line 3 minutes after the gun, so our shoe tags should give us a good reading). Not bad at all. The thing is, I’m not entirely sure we’d have done any better had we trained for months. There’s only so fast you can walk, and we set and kept pace for the entire race. But that’s now a half marathon off the list. And, blood blisters under my toenails aside, I feel fine. Tomorrow will be a different story.

Next objective is the Tongariro Crossing, and breaking in my very trendy Vibram Five Fingers. They are so comfy! And, after a quick mental check during my walk to the start, I think I may manage a 30l pack total for the adventure in Spain and France. But more of that on the other blog.

I think I may need to ice my ankle now. And finish mattress stitching these booties…

Until next time!



  1. Awesome Shelley – well done!! Hey when are you gonna do the Tongariro Crossing?!?! I really wanna do it…

    1. Thanks hon! Tentative plan is for the 24th March – you think you’d be up to it? Do you want me to let you know once things are confirmed?

      1. Oh what a shame – I’m doing lighting for a play from the 17th through to the 31st, so can’t really miss a weekend!! 😦

  2. Fantastic! I keep wanting to do a walking event – I’m useless at speed, but now that I can get fit again! And glad the new job is awesome – I love the idea of you with your own library to play with!

  3. wow…sounds like it was a lot of fun. I’m jealous. 🙂 And singing Eye of the Tiger…you, my dear, are a legend.

    1. Loudly, with air guitar, to the amusement of the St John’s Ambo folk who were playing it on Oriental Parade at Roseneath. The one said to sing it as we were crossing the finishing line. So I did. lol. 🙂

  4. Congratulations! I walked the City to Surf (14km) one year, and only just in less time than you did a half marathon!

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