Yarn Margarita Round #1

Work’s good. Challenging, but I’m enjoying it. And I’ve started going to knit nights again, gods – I’ve missed it. I needed it today. Because I really, really needed a yarn margarita.

You know that feeling when one of your best friends goes all odd on you for no apparent reason, and you can’t for the life of you figure out why, and it just gets you really down? Yeah. That. That’s what the beautiful lace weight in Wine Gum is to drown my sorrows in (I have a Ysolda yarn! So beautiful). And the stunning, stunning, teal is for the lovely Becky is looks like she’s going to be joining us in the shiny world of WP soon. Exciting!

So squishy and smooshy - the perfect yarn margarita.

Still, I’m sure things will all come out right as rain in the long run, and I’ll still have this scrumptious morsel to play with. I have absolutely no idea what it wants to be though. It’ll tell me when it’s good and ready.

TGIF tomorrow. Can’t wait.



    1. I’ll send it fast post. 🙂 And I may have talked Tash into some Shakespeare-themed yarn colours. Starting with Benedick…

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