The button conundrum

Every now and then, you get somebody request you knit something – a commission. Once in a while, you get a request that has you in stunned disbelief. I had one of those in January. It was requester more than the request that had me checking to see if hell had actually frozen over, or whether I was being punk’d. I’m not sure if I did hide my surprise, but I have taken the suggestion, and am actually having some fun with this. It’s these types of commissions that are always the ones that make me nervous and extra critical of my work. I can only hope the finished pieces will be useful and appreciated. I’ll blog more about them when everything is done. (I’m anxiously awaiting some very special yarn which was sent to me a month ago and still hasn’t arrived. I’m not panicking yet, but very soon I will be).

But I digress. Two of these pieces need buttons. Seven buttons each, to be exact. Usually, these sorts of finishing touches are quite exciting – the hunt for the perfect pewter/wood/shell/etc buttons to make the garment. When I finished my Riding to Avalon – I quested (aptly) for buttons, scouring Melbourne for the perfect set. (As an aside, I really need to get my hair back to that length – it looked awesome). Those buttons just fit the pattern, and my next RTA (and there will be another – in chocolate or black) will have pewter buttons. See? This is the power of the preoccupation of the finishing touch – what colour zip and ribbon? What type of buttons? Press studs or velcro?

In this case, it’s buttons, for some things that will be worn for all of 6 weeks if I’m lucky. But it’s a very special 6 weeks, and I want the buttons to suit. So what do I choose, and where do I begin? A haberdashery shop is probably a good idea. There are a few around. I just haven’t ventured that far yet. I want to get the pieces done first. And I think I want buttons with fish on them. Or warm wood. I’m not sure yet. The indecision is killing me!

Speaking of venturing, on Thursday I finally got my A-into-G and went along to Holland Road Yarn Company for one of Tash’s famous Knit Nights (I can see my shoe in the bottom corner of her photo). It was the first real knit night I’ve been to since SnB’s in Canberra. (Monash Knitters wasn’t quite the same, and it was during the day). I loved it. I’ve missed it. I will do it more often.

HRYC Knit Night

I had a piece of commission to power through, and FO’s for others to coo over (and coo they did), the pattern was favourited a couple of times. Shade cards were passed around, cupcakes eaten, and general conviviality soaked up. And then it happened. I broke my yarn diet proper in spectacular style.

It was only a matter of time. I had fallen completely and utterly in love with a skein of Fyberspates Sport in gold when I was in HRYC last year to buy somebody some Knitsch Yarn for Christmas. Only, that colourway wasn’t there in December. A sample Tash had knitted a Shifting Sands in was, however, to tempt me.

But on Thursday, I indulged myself. Isn’t it just the most beautiful thing you’ve seen? I think I’m a Fyberspates convert, and I haven’t even yarn-caked it!

This was the closest to love at first sight I've been. I'm smitten

So, walking and some swimming aside, it’s all about getting things finished. It’s a public holiday tomorrow. I guess I’ll try get another piece done. I have nothing else planned. Yet.

Until next time…



  1. Mmmmm, I really do want to try that Fybrespates yarn – It truly does look scrumptious (hello truth in advertising, heh!).

    On the button issue – if it is for a baby (it sounds like it), you really are best to go with a round non-shank button. The fishies and teddies etc are cute but are way hard to undo and do up on a small wriggly person. I am sure you will find the perfect ones!

    1. I have been leaning towards the round, non-shanks… or toggles. And yes, it is for a pair of twins. Any pattern suggestions would also be most welcome! 🙂

      And the Fyberspates is just delicious. Tash also has some of Ysolda’s colours. They’re gorgeous!

  2. What a beautiful color!

    I used duck buttons for a baby sweater and while they were cute, I agree with Rosered. Small, flat, round buttons are so much easier to use.

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