These boots are made for walking.

James and I walked Pencarrow Head today. We had the most beautiful view for lunch at the old lighthouse, before descending into what ended up being some 20 metre visibility at times along Fitzroy Bay. All up, it was a 25km day. And it was fantastic.

There was mist, and drizzle, dolphins and cormorants. A feast for lunch, and chocolate cake and hot tea to celebrate at the finish. And many photos.

The Pencarrow Lighthouses
Looking back towards Scorching Bay from Pencarrow Head
Pencarrow Head from Fitzroy Bay

It gave us a good idea of time and pace for our Camino adventure.

After a hot shower, a cup of tea, and a few more rows of knitting – my feet don’t hurt, and I have no blisters. I am a very contented person. Bring on the rest of the long weekend. Markets and reading are in my immediate future. It’s going to be grand.