The things she could do…

Finished one job. Back in the library on Wednesday. Breathing a huge sigh of relief.

It’s a massive responsibility. But I will have accomplished something I have aspired to, and damnit, I made it! A library manager before I turned 30. Who would have believed that? (Well there were a couple of tutors at uni who wouldn’t have put it past me, but there you go.) Now to do what I always try to do: leave somewhere better than when I found it (this is a maternity cover position, still – it’s mine for the year).

Because I had today and have tomorrow off before starting, I’ve actually managed to slow my brain down a little: i.e. I’m feeling less frazzled. Although this upcoming weekend is enough to make me want to run screaming. 7’s weekend in Wellington. Oh heavens no.

But it was a good day. I may not be as rubbish I believe I am in the water (apparently). As much as I adore the element, I am fairly self-conscious of how I move through it. There was much laughing on my part as the eternal chorus of “glide” comes back to haunt me. Water needs to be my zen, since I appear to injure myself out of it. Still. It was fun, and efficient. I need to work on economy of movement. I think I can do that.

Then, it was the Unveiled exhibition at Te Papa. I can’t say that I find wedding dresses riveting at the best of times, and there were some absolute shockers. The craftsmanship, however, was absolutely impeccable. I was glad to see that there was one red wedding dress: from the 1930’s, worn by a woman who also refused to change her name. So very ahead of her time. It’s quite surprising how shocking that must have been back then, and how commonplace it is now, but I digress. Yeah. Well displayed, interesting, educational – but not quite my cuppa tea.

To top it all off (being such a stunning day), James and I decided to see if we could walk a sub-60 min 7km and did the Round the Bays 7km route. Came in with time to spare. There is further plotting ahead. It was an excellent walk, and we would have both carried on easily. Bonus points for my bus picking us up in Kilburnie and dropping me practically at home. Awesome. I think I may have to do that again tomorrow.
And then I built my bed! My futon arrived – and sat patiently waiting for me to come home. Oh, I have missed such bedding so. It’s going to be a great night’s sleep. Huzzah!

In other news, I broke my yarn diet. I couldn’t even make it to the end of January. But it is Smoothie DK and it is discontinued, and I do need it for a pair of sprogs due in the next two months… (So technically, a commission, but I can justify everything). I’m using it to make a couple of Puerperium Cardigans – and it’s a fantastic pattern. I may even have some yarn left to make a pair of Aviatrix hats – the jury is still out though… I think time will be a deciding factor.

So it’s a day of – I’m not sure what yet – tomorrow. I’m sure there will be something to do when I wake up in the morning.

Can’t wait.