When we arrive, Sons and Daughters…

Things I have learnt today:

  1. Freestyle is still not my friend
  2. Breaststroke is
  3. Don’t go to the supermarket after swimming or the gym. You’ll end up doing crazy things. Like buying breakfast cereal and intending to eat it
  4. Vegemite and chippie sandwiches are surprisingly tasty
  5. I really need a haircut
  6. I’m rather enjoying my wear-a-dress-as-often-as-possible self-challenge
  7. Don’t take the long route to the gym with a sore foot
  8. Jeans are just awesome

So, this last weekend I moved out of the my centre city apartment (complete with flashing neon lights/street lights/sirens/bars/drunk people/burnouts) for a room in a flat in the area of Wellington I’ve been wanting to live in since I was last here as a student. I spent many happy hours wandering said suburb when I really didn’t want to be at my hall or studying. I resolved then, that this would be the place, and, the aberration that was Te Aro aside, I’ve finally made it here. I mean, I can mooch on the couch and watch the ships and the harbour. Short of living at the water, this is some kind of heaven. (Also, it’s so much quieter.)

6am, looking out at the harbour

The move itself didn’t take too long. I was generously loaned a car for the day (the cleaning fairy had fun with that. Serious, serious fun), and my cohort in Camino plotting helped me shift boxes (this is after I’d had him and my cousin out singing karaoke for 3 hours and only sending them to their respective beds at about two. Yes, I am the devil on your shoulder. I like it there). It was a stunning day. So, after questing (and failing) to find beanbag fill (and we were in the area), gelato was called for. And photos were taken in Eastbourne,

Playing in the water at Eastbourne

and Days Bay
Stunning weather in Days Bay

Sunday dawned a beautiful morning, tea was had in the sunny lounge, before traipsing off (earlier this time) to the Farmer’s Market. Against Doctor’s orders, I walked, and it was beautiful. Thorndon Quay was silent and sleepy but for the cyclists riding up and down. The sun was warm, but there was the threat of the change in wind even at 8:30 in the morning, so I was intent on making the most of my day.

Farmer's Market

It was lovely, until the appointed time for High Tea at the Museum Hotel (my thank you to James for his chauffeuring and heavy lifting duties), when all hell, deluges, howling southerlies, and Antarctic fronts decided to converge on the city centre, and we had to walk run (laughing hysterically) through the downpour to end up drowned rats in the foyer of this very swish place. And what a lovely High Tea it was too. I could quite easily do that again.

High Tea

And then came the Monday of anniversary weekend. My planned sleep-in thwarted by my alarm clock, so I was resigned to tea in bed with some knitting and a book, with this very tragic view. However will I cope?

Morning tea to the sound of Tuis outside my window

It was a fantastic Monday. I mastered mattress stitch on some booties, cast on another, ate cherries and oreos for dinner, and watched the pilot and first two eps of BSG. Now, I’ve never seen BSG, and nothing I have seen so far makes me want to watch all four seasons. For something 10-ish years old, it’s looking great, but really. It plods. I zoned out 10 minutes into ep 2, and that’s enough pain for me. Besides, I have other things to plot and plan.

Like revisiting all the cool new stuff in Koha. I have three (well, two, really) days left of not being a librarian. And they’re going to be the three longest days of my life. I have missed working in libraries so much that it’s painful. And soon, the pain will be a distant memory, and I’ll be up to my eyeballs in circulation rules, reference searches, and cataloguing metadata all over again. I don’t care what people say, special libraries are a version of heaven, and I’m so lucky to get to play in one again. But more on that next week. I still have 7 long days to go.

It’s the Dresden Dolls this weekend. And the Wellington 7’s the weekend after. (My flatmate got his costume today. I believe I may be in for a very interesting weekend there…) And I’m waiting patiently for a very special yarn order to arrive at my postbox so I can get onto some very special lace knitting. Hopefully soon. I’ve a 4 day weekend/refresher time ahead, I want to make the most of it.

So I’m still alive. There are plots for adventures afoot, FO’s to show off, and plots to plan.

Until next time, Xin Nian Kuai Le!



  1. Oh give BSG a chance. It is really good. Very political. Then again I am a little obsessed…maybe a bit of a rabid fan girl. The first season was a bit rocky but there are some great ideas. I’ll stop now…

    I hope the new flat is lovely! Take care.

    1. Yes… Rabid. I’m so glad you’ve finally recognised you may have a slight problem there. :p

      The new flat is fantastic. And good luck with setting up your classroom!

  2. At first I thought, “swimming? But it’s winter!” And then I remembered where you are. It looks beautiful there. High Tea is something I enjoy very much but don’t get to indulge in very often. It’s not the same if you do it at home. There’s no one to clean up after you!

    Working in any library sounds like a bit of heaven. I love the smell of books. One of my favorite parts of walking into my (now closed) favorite book store was just standing inside the door and smelling all the possibilities.


  3. I am glad you had a happy move!! I too enjoy the swimming with breaststroke, even though I can do the proper both sides breathing for freestyle.
    New BSG seems very grey to me. I haven’t watched it even though I own it.
    Oh, nice high tea!! Morning and afternoon teas are my favourite meals!!

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