A day of rest…

It’s not very often that I get the opportunity to just sit quietly and watch the world go by like I did today, but they are the moments of silence that I really enjoy. And after a particularly stressful RWC final (and the absolute disbelief that the Red Devils were so badly routed at home) the chance to sit quietly and be was all the more precious. I allowed myself to ponder which big adventure I may choose next year a little more. It was Labour Day today, so I was able to not think about work and let my brain switch off for a while.

So while my review of H. S. Thompson seems to be growing into an essay (sometimes you can’t take the student out of the literature), I can at least reflect on the Brahms and the couple of movies I’ve seen recently.

I’ll start with where I left off. Brahms. Overall, it was 75% awesome, 25% not so much. There was a messy piano concerto no.1 (and the piano was off), and a very disappointing interpretation of the 4th Symphony – it missed the point completely. However, the Academic Overture was perfect, and the very difficult (and rarely played live) Double Concerto was performed with very few errors. The musicians performed impeccably. And hey, it was a really comprehensive selection of Brahms. It was priceless. And with the NZSO’s 2012 season now announced… I’m going to be a very happy person next year.

There is also an Italian Film Festival on at the moment, and I dragged Jess off to see Habemus Papam before catching the last 20 minutes of the Wales-France game. It was a frank, and bittersweet story. Really worth watching for the glimpses of comedy gold, as well as the examination of the desolate loneliness that comes with power and responsibility. And today I went and saw Incendies. I saw a review for this a few months ago, and have had it on my to-do list since. It was… devastating. It did ramble at times, but man oh man, what a denouement! Well worth watching. This is a joint French/Québécois film – and as with all the French dramas I’ve seen and enjoyed, it was gritty and tragic.

There are 2 or 3 mainstream movies I’m looking forward to seeing in the next few months, but other than that… yeah, international films are just so much better. On that note, Cave of Forgotten Dreams has finally made it here, and it’s one I’m going to try get to before it finishes. Anybody seen it yet?

As for the rugby. From a sleep-deprived point of view – thank heavens it’s over. As a supporter: we did it! Whew.

And now, I can sleep. Here’s hoping for nights of uninterrupted sleep. It’s been too long.

Until my essay on Thompson… 🙂