“They started out, beneath the knowledge tree”*

The Shelleys, rocking the party.

So, after 6 months of waiting, the weekend finally arrived. Shelley and her mum flew down, and we went to the WOW Awards. It was a spectacular Spectacular. An amazingly slick and entertaining production. And when we got the NZ ballet performing to the NZ Opera, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It all really was quite wonderful.

With the equine thespians

So Shelley came, we shopped, we talked, we walked… It was fantastic.

The Shelleys, after shopping at Frank Kitts Park

And I was generously loaned an SLR for the weekend. A people watcher with a decent camera can be a bad thing.

What happens when given an excuse to be a tourist in my own city.

And of course, my most favourite photo of the weekend: This young man had a Very Serious Ride up Taranaki Wharf and along Jervois Quay. He was just so determined. Such a personality.

Serious Business.

I see things in still frames, storyboards and scripts. So for me, it was also great fun to actually have a viewfinder and that satisfying click of capturing a moment in time. I really do need to get myself a decent camera. The one I borrowed was a Nikon. It was nice. But I’m thinking Canon. One day. When my ship comes in.

Speaking of ships and therefore the future, Shelley and I have a birthday ending in zero coming up. (Not yet, but soon), and some grand and ambitious plans were floated. I am very taken with the one (stay tuned), but I really need to start saving, and get my fitness up if I want to pull it off. Even if she chickens out, I’m certainly running with this idea. (Yes I know, I’m being secretive. I will continue to do so until I have made further queries and investigations). So there.

Speaking of getting fit, I’ve now joined the gym, got myself a personal trainer, and am really working on a good routine. Add swimming into the mix, and I’m looking forward to being fighting fit in no time. I have goals I’ve needed to postpone for a year. Well, I’d originally set them for next year anyway – so I’m going to go into prepping for a certain comp next year in the best shape I could possibly be. I’m rather enjoying it all at the moment. The trick is to sustain the level of intensity and really be diligent with my eating habits (you have that in writing – you know who you are). It’s such a relief not to feel helpless and unable to do anything challenging. Granted, I’m having to be very careful with my shoulder, but this is all to get some strength back into it.

But other than work and the gym, I’ve been terribly slack since my last post, dear reader. I’ve been too tired to pick up a book – even though they sit longingly and beseech me to steal a few pages every here and there. I will, soon, but I must remain guiltily unread for a little while longer. Stage productions call.

Like ones I’m going to see, and ones I would dearly have love to have seen.

Don't I just have the best Fairy Godmother?

A mysterious parcel turned up in my post box yesterday. A present, it claimed, from an “A Wolski”. A red herring. But, you see dear reader, I was unfazed. I had a sneaking suspicion about the contents, and I was right. The program to the Wyndham’s Theatre production of my most favourite Shakespearean comedy, starring one of England’s great wits, and one of the greatest Shakespearean actors of the century. And my lucky fairy godmother was able to go see it. *sigh* And she managed a class at Knit Nation. So I got another project bag. Very, very cool. In a grand stroke of luck, a parcel I sent her arrived the same day, which means we effectively swapped gifts. Awesome, wot? (Actually, I admit. There may have been a slight squee moment and a little bit of jumping in excitement when I realised the contents of the package, alright? Sue me.)

So I appear to be back to full days and a busy brain. Just the way things should be. But, I have an appointment with a cross-trainer and a swiss ball before work tomorrow, so I think it’s just about past my bed time.

Until next time…

*I can’t seem to get Regina Spektor out of my head at the moment



  1. Look at you, all gussied up! I love that dress! And I wish I could carry off really short hair as well as you do!

    I have a birthday ending in zero coming up too. My plans most definitely do not require any levels of fitness! Heh!

  2. Oh gosh, you beat me to blogging parcels! 🙂 And I admire all the fitness stuff. There’s no way I’m that committed, but I admire it! VERY curious as to your plans!

  3. You’re looking so happy and well! Go you! All those lovely photos. I’m jealous. And, at the mention of parcels, I need your address again. I swear I wrote it down on three different bits of paper and in one book but can I find it? Of course not.

    Also, I am very intrigued with these subtle hints you are dropping for you plans next year. 🙂

  4. You look so happy, it’s wonderful to see 🙂

    Your photos are so beautifully clear, a great camera can make you feel so much better about taking photos some times.

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