What’s in a name?

You may have noticed… I changed this blog’s name. While I’m still artificially mythic, I’m giving a nod to Butler, Morris, More, and Plato and their artificial myths – all fantastic pieces of work. (E)utopias and dystopias have long been a favourite subject of mine, and with the several changes I’m having to make/have made, I thought a new title was in order.

So I’ve injured my already injured shoulder. Badly. To the point that even knitting isn’t considered to be a good idea (that’s more about the ligaments through to the elbow than anything else though). So it looks as though there may be more reading than FO’s in my future. And I’m relegated to the gym and (on doctor’s orders) swimming laps, which is going to be an amusing story in the not too distant future. I do have an aim of 100 laps in a pool on my bucket list (and that SCUBA cert), so I may as well get to addressing that. When I’m allowed to rotate my shoulder…

But now! Some photos. We’ve had some odd days of weather. Sun, hail, thunder, snow…

A sunny Sunday morning...

This was Sunday the 7th. It was gloriously sunny. So much so, that I was able to spend an hour and a half at the beach, reading Hunter S. Thompson, eating Fritos and drinking Iron Brew. However, 5 minutes after I walked in the door of my apartment after a lovely morning in the sun, it started hailing.

And then, miracle of miracles (or global warming at its most obvious), it started snowing yesterday. In Wellington. Snow. In Wellington CBD. When does that happen?! Every 35 years, or so we’re told. So it’s been a tad chilly today, and looks to be the same over the next few days. Admittedly, it was a novelty to look out the window at work and see big fluffy snowflakes fall past the window. It wasn’t a day to be productive. And almost all of us ducked downstairs to take photos of snow in the city.

The top of the State Tower, hidden by a snow flurry
A snow flurry in the CBD

I love snow and watching it snow, and making snowmen (and dragons), and sledding. But I loathe slushy, icy, melting snow. I will take downpours and driving rain or dry icy cold instead of slushy snow. And while this is a novelty, the fact that it’s the only thing in the news means it’s going to get very old very soon. For the first time, I’m tempted by the thought of the holiday somewhere in the Pacific I’ve been trying to persuade one of my very overworked friends to take. I’m usually not one for lying on the beach in the sun, but it’s sounding mighty appealing. Maybe next winter. Or maybe I’ll take a trip to Brisbane. There’ll be a butter-yellow room in a hobbit-like house with red doors waiting for me by then. I hope. From what DrK‘s been tweeting and blogging, Queensland is looking quite fine at this time of the year.

So what’s next? I have a couple of books to finish while on an enforced break from exercise (So maybe a book review or 2). And I’ve got to write a piece on my favourite of Zipf’s Laws – that of the Principle of Least Effort and it’s role and importance in information management. I’m fairly fond of this theory, so I hope my Editor knows what she got herself in for by daring me to write on this… Stayed tuned – it’ll be out in LIANZA’s LibraryLife. There you go Hana, I can’t back down now. 😉

So really, I’d best get to it. So I hope you enjoy the name change. Some may appreciate it more than others. Stay warm and dry, wherever you are in the chilly cold – and stay comfortable those enjoying summer in the north.

Until next time…

PS: The scones were lovely. I’ll take photos next time.
PPS: My order from photojojo arrived this morning. I’m looking to have some serious fun with these lenses. Very exciting.



  1. I am sorry to hear your injury is worse. I hope you recover quickly. No knitting, that is a blow but you can do lots of bucket list swimming!!!
    I saw all the snow in NZ on the news here tonight. Someone was skiing at the beach!!

  2. Nice change of name. And I agree, slushy, non settling snow is the worse. Sorry about your shoulder. That blows. But swimming is supposed to be really good. Take care, okay! Look after yourself please!

  3. I keep wondering if it’ll snow here… nothing yet. Oh well. Keep looking after that shoulder! It has to be well enough for lots of games of ball with wee one at some point in future!

  4. has it stopped snowing yet? gosh that must have been exciting. one day i am going to live somewhere where it snows. sigh. hope you are moving/feeling a bit better soon.

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