Letters from Erewhon…

Just a brief blurb to say I’m still alive, and put some thoughts down in the intarwebs.

It’s the mark of a productive day when the hours tick by and you’re surprised when it’s time to walk out the door. I’ve really enjoyed having that again. The logistics, the problem-solving, the bureaucracy… it all reminds me of academia in a way.

There was a quotable quote today… in fact, truer words were never spoken regardless of the context: “If I wanted that kind of pain, I’d get myself a girlfriend” – I’m still chuckling over it, and honestly, the undeniable truth of the sentiment. I can say the same about jobs and relationships that make you unhappy. One thing I’ve discovered over the past two years or so is that I seem to have lost my ability to really compromise. You’re the only person who can make you happy, and settling for second best is not the way to be happy. And, in this last week I realised just how unhappy I had been. Of course, I’m not looking for the perfect job any more. I’m looking for the challenge. And that sort of mindset is also something that I needed to change, and so I have. I am brave enough to change the things that make me depressed, and I’m definitely going to be learning from it. I have already. That’s not to say that I don’t miss the people, I really do. I just don’t miss everything else.

In other news, my TdF socks have been washed and worn (and I need to actually take a photo of them, I know), and I’ve got a few more wips on the needles that I’m getting through. My second Kells (finally), strider in Malabrigo, and another clappy – this one in laceweight yarn with a non-negotiable deadline. With a cold snap sneaking up on the capital this weekend, I’m looking forward to getting through my Mentalist back catalogue and get some knitting in. Oh, and making scones. I really feel like making scones. (I need to celebrate a recent acquisition by the woman who beat me to being Dr Song – you best have a spare room for me for all those times I will be visiting – teeheehee).

But now, I need to go catch up with some mad Australians and watch a ridiculous movie.



  1. Chuckles – I’d say fiendishly, but it’s more hysterically tonight! I totally agree about happiness, though!

  2. Hooray for hysterical chuckles… and a cosy room with my name on it! 😀

  3. Sometimes it really pays to sit back and let things just happen as they will and sometimes, you have to give the universe a bit of a nudge. Kay Hooper (who writes guilty pleasure novels about psychics) has a character who always says “somethings have to happen as they happen” and we can’t change them. I guess it’s knowing which is which.

    And ewwwww, I can’t believe you imbibe the Red Bull.

    1. I only imbibe Red Bull when I’m feeling really, really bad. Otherwise, I don’t touch the stuff. But doors and windows, absolutely – I’m noticing it more and more these days.

  4. Okay ignore that comment I just read your twitter feed and now know which one you saw. I’m a little slow these days.

    And I’m happy that you are enjoying your new job. Happy face. 🙂

  5. Sometimes life just happens and you go with the flow. Mind you, knitting and The Mentalist sounds pretty fabulous. I still have the last 3 or 4 episodes to watch. I don;t want the season to end. I still have the last two episodes of Sarah Connor Chronicles unwatched. That way it Never Ends!!

  6. How did the scones go? Were they tasty?

    Glad the keel is evening out a little, recognition of what works for you is a grand thing 🙂

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