Train Tracks*

I’m having a brain break at the moment. Getting all the paperwork done before finishing this chapter of 2011 and starting my next job on Thursday sees me at work on a Sunday afternoon and staring at a computer screen for hours while a gorgeous day wanes outside my window. This is my current view:

The Office...

Yes, that is another can of Red Bull. If my shoulder is going to be out of action for months anyway, I may as well succumb to some kind of caffeine. This is happens to be the strongest thing on hand. It won’t happen again, I promise.

And now for a bit of a summary of events, gentle reader, so that I may get back into the swing of things as August looms on the horizon.

It’s been a month living by what can only be described by the term Inshallah. Which has been all kinds of terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. It appears that my mildly whacked out hypothesis about going with the flow and that if things will be as they should, they will just happen of their own accord (after years of fighting fate), appears to be correct. I don’t think I can willingly just accept Murphy’s Law for what it is just yet, but I’m getting there. One does still need to be proactive in order to make a change, I think that is definitely something that needs to be kept in mind.

So July. What a month! Cadel took the Maillot Jaune (yippee), I got a pair of socks (currently blocking), a beanie and half a sleeve out of my TdFKAL. Not my best Tour (but I still have the Vuelta and the RWC), but with a busy month IRL, I can be forgiven. In fact, I have patterns and needles and yarn in organised piles on the floor at home, and I’m looking forward to plopping down with some tea, putting on some Firefly, and doing something that doesn’t involve checking boxes this evening. I may even read! I’ve discovered many books that have nothing to do with fantasy and sci-fi, and they’re great. In fact, I’m tempted to buy another bookshelf and do something about populating it (and bringing some more of my library down from the Bay), but I’m getting too far ahead of myself there. I need to read what I have first. The rest will follow.

But enough of philosophy!

This is what I did last night:

The Haka vs the Springboks at the Caketin

It wasn’t the most riveting game of rugby I’ve seen. In fact, it’s up there with the ‘Tahs-Brumbies game I saw in Sydney last month. It was a very weak Springbok team, and if Danny Boy had been a bit more on the money the score would have been even more painful for the poor South Africans. Still, Zach Guilford did a good job of silencing my reservations about him, and seeing SBW’s one-handed passing live was fantastic. Ah. Rugby. It was grand. Even if it did take a few hours to feel my toes after the game. Oh, and for the record, I really don’t like the new jerseys. Get rid of the little white collar-thingies. They just look naff.

And this is what I did on Tuesday:

The 1st NZ Koha ILS Users Group

We had a one day unconference in Levin, the birthplace of the Koha ILS, where Koha users from around NZ came to chat, create a wish-list of what they want to see the software do (this is why we love open source software), make contacts, and plan the next meeting. It was a great experience, and I’m really glad to have been a part of it.

I’ve also got a couple of Librarian-type things on the boil with LIANZA‘s Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui council, where I’ve met a fantastic group of Librarians, and really look forward into getting stuck in there. So stay tuned. We’re going to have a blast. (Which reminds me, I need to get my next piece in for the next issue of LibraryLife.)

So I must turn back to my RFP responses for now. But with the chaos of July nearly behind me, it’s time to see what the chaos of August has to bring. Some more FO’s I should certainly hope! And WOW with ShelleyJ at the end of the month (very exciting). I’ll be sure to keep my camera primed and ready to go.

Until next post!

*by Jason Webley – listen to it!



  1. Ah, that explains much… you’re at work! Okay, so I was also grading papers… on a Sunday… But looking forward to seeing those FOs!

  2. I was actually just thinking about you and not seeing a blog update but I can see why. Always busy, right?

    I just don’t think I am truly a kiwi since I don’t give a toss about rugby. ::*::hides as all sorts of objects are flung at her::*::

    But Firefly…well. 🙂

    Good luck with the new job. 🙂

  3. really, that south african team is just a joke. and an insult. looking forward to seeing some real action this weekend! your shoulder problem sounds just awful,i hope its not getting you too down, but im very glad to hear that there are good things happening work wise, and look forward to more being revealed on that front!

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