As I may have mentioned a few posts ago, the Black Dog and I are in a little bit of a stand-off at the moment. Seriously – think of the 9 minute guns-drawn-eyeballing-each-other-stand-off a la The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. As is always the case, things have to change. And are. The spring cleaning is in process, all with an eye to the future. And through the period of bleakness, my wonderful friends never cease to amaze me. Even if they don’t realise they’re doing it. Whether it be a surprise Dr Whovian parcel from DrB who is currently sending me photos of gelato in front of the Duomo di Milano and lapping up the glorious North Italian sun, or lunch and general geekiness after dance class, or somebody just checking up on me, or a quest for face-sized cookies to celebrate an engagement and relocation to the US. Add to that the ongoing tweet conversations and the unexpected Google+ huddle ping and subsequent madness that then ensues. (I am very impressed with Google+ and especially the huddle function).

Yes, I know I am truly a lucky person. I just need to keep reminding myself of that. Maybe the stand-off will end soon.

And onto more cheerful things (for me, at least, you can suffer through the knitting). We’re just over a week into Le Tour, and my poor fantasy 9 are down to 7 with the abandonments of Brajkovic and Horner due to injury. It’s been mad! I mean, the Giro was insane this year, but who would have guessed how the first week would have gone? And then for Thor to keep his Maillot Jaune for the first mountain stage? Sublime! So, I haven’t touched my sock-work since last Sunday. But I completed my Maillot Vert entry for the TdFKAL last night – and I need more of that yarn. Photos when I remember. I also got a significant chunk of my major Maillot à Pois Rouges WIP – my Old Port – done too: I’ve 1 more repeat of the body and then I start my adventures in sleeve-land. At least I have cables to keep me entertained. I wonder if I can get the sleeves done in a week? That’s my aim. I’ll be starting sleeve 1 tonight. Progress to follow. On that note, how awesome is Cascade 220? I can’t wait to wear this sweater, that’s certainly adding to the drive to get it done now, but I need to get real life out of the way first… like a little domesticity.

Jay has now got me obsessing over candy floss (ah Google+, I do like you), so I may try another meringue recipe to satisfy my need for sugar (I’ve misplaced my favourite recipe, and Google’s not giving me the answer). Although, I’ve been pointed in the direction of this epic mealtime instead. O.o

So to bake. I’ve been putting it off all afternoon. I’ll have some progress photos next post. Sleeve land, here I come…



  1. First – you are evil for getting me addicted to pinterest gosh darn it and second, I read meringue wrong and thought you were on an epic dance quest.

    Trust me when I say that me and my own black dog have been fighting an epic battle. I often find myself feeling like Issac Clarke in Dead Spcae 2 or Chell in Portal 2 – constantly trying to outrun the badness. But, I know that you are strong and that I’m strong (or so I keep telling myself.)

    I might have to make a mission trip down to visit you so we can indulge in all forms of sugary goodness. 🙂 And then dance in the middle of the street…or maybe not the second part since jaywalking is a huge problem down there, apparently.

    1. Or, I could actually make time to see you instead of blobbing on the couch the next time I’m home… You’ve made me paranoid about how I’ve spelt meringue now! 🙂

      We’ll both be just grand, won’t we?

  2. Either way will be awesome. I’m not wearing my glasses at the moment. I have, um, kinda misplaced them and I’m too lazy to grab my spares from my bag.

    Still it would be awesome if you were involved in an epic dance battle. Speaking of dance battles, have you placed Just Dance 2? Tis awesome.

  3. Sounds like you are making good progress on your Tour projects. Here’s to smooth sailing in sleeve land.

    1. Thanks, I think I’ll need it. The pattern isn’t that clear in the instructions.

  4. yes photos please! you sound so productive in the knitting area. and the other stuff, well i think thats to be expected, with all the work stuff. its like a tunnel you have to go through to come out the other side. and you will come out, and it will be better.

  5. Hope you are OK and the tussle with the black dog is not too bad….thinking of you as one who has been there many times.

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