“I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.”

So, I don’t have a Marauder’s Map. But it is July. And Le Tour started with the most unexpected finish to Stage 1. And yes, I was up watching it. Well, watching it, Wimbledon and the Crusader’s systematic annihilation of the Stormers in Cape Town. It was a good night for sport, but I think my parents believe I only go home for weekends in front of the sports channel now. It’s not true. I go home for the food, my puppy and the sports channel. And to see them. Having lived far away for such a long time, I find that being able to go home every few weeks (the need to see my genius hairdresser also helps) is a great sanity restorer. Also, the opportunity for 2 blissful nights of sleep every 6 or so weeks without inner city noise pays for itself. Still, it means I spent most of today sleeping (after celebrating the beginning of one of my most favourite sports competitions with a veggie broth-based Soupe à l’oignon). Now I have a week to plan, emails to write, and some TdFKAL knitting to get done.

I flew into Mt Maunganui to be greeted by this on Friday. Perfect.

Since DrK and DrR are both waxing lyrical about socks, I’ll add my voice to their chorus. I’m racing through my second Temperance sock (I was finishing my first pair this time last year). I’m irked because I appear to have misplaced the paper with my many mods (like adding a gusset and changing the lattice pattern and heel), but I think I can re-construct what I did just fine. I’ll know in a repeat and a half when I hit the gusset increases. But socks. I’ve missed sock knitting. I cast off my Hemlock for my friend Shelley’s birthday on Friday and left it at home to block – where there is space to block a double-bed sized blanket – I used the surprisingly stretchy cast off this time, and it looks amazing. Crocheted even. I’ll use that again.

But I’m looking at picking up my sock count, and some beanies and hats. You see. The wind has been bitter – snow has been falling on the mountains and we’re feeling it in the capital. Warm ears are a necessity. And while I did dig out some of my warm hats from my time in purgatory Canberra, I think I need more. So I will make more. After I finish other TdF things. Like lonely socks and a sweater or two.

Still there are changes afoot. Plans are being hatched, and the need to re-streamline my fairly humble belongings is starting to niggle. I’ve surprisingly little here, but I want to keep things from getting too out of hand. And with my increased training. Well, as my instructor says, I probably need to eat more pies. She didn’t say what type of pie, so I’m going to go ahead and say key lime and lemon meringue are both healthy choices, but I’m suddenly finding my clothing size needing to be re-adjusted again. Those who have seen me in IRL may want to throw things at me for this. Don’t worry. It’s just the strength training. Do enough exercise and your body shape changes. Doesn’t mean it’s not a major inconvenience at times, but it does happen. Maybe I should investing in some more protein shake stuff anyway. I can see some spring cleaning in my immediate future. Looking forward to it.

It’s been a good weekend. Still, I have things to do, socks to knit, and autobiographies to read. And a team time trial to ponder watching. Maybe not. We’ll see how long I last this evening…

Keep warm!



  1. boy i love the tour, last nights scenery was spectacular. all that lycra! oh and did you see the shots of the lionhearts castle? ?just awesome. looking forward to seeing the finished temperances! as for the all night tv watching…too much sport is never enough!

    1. Yes! I saw Lionheart’s Castle. I look forward to the scenery and the scenery every year. And it didn’t disappoint. But you’re right – you can never have too much sport!

  2. Please don’t disappear on us. Beautiful pictures as per usual and now I have the odd craving for key lime pie. :o)

    1. There’s a Garfield comic where he has a nightmare about being so thin, he slips through a storm water grate, wakes up and immediately goes for the lasagne repeating “it was only a dream” – I wanted to post that in response, but I couldn’t find it. I have no intention of disappearing without the aid of an invisibility cloak, of that I can assure you. 🙂

  3. Socks and lemon meringue pie!!! Sorry, that’s as far as I can manage tonight. 🙂

  4. Loving the lovely TdF! Go Cadel! He seemed to come out of nowhere last night, and where did Fabian Cancellara go? Heh heh!

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