My trip to Sydney. Or. How Knitters are still Terrorists.*

I have to rethink my stance on Sydney. After years of preferring Melbourne, I think this city has finally grown on me. Or, at least the northern suburbs and the ‘Gong anyway…

I’ll be brief. And write more when I get my thoughts in order.

So, I went to Sydney. DrK did a fantastic job of summing up the adventure here, along with some lovely photos.

Not only was it World Wide Knit in Public day on the Saturday, but it was also Donna’s surprise 39 years and 12 months yum cha birthday party – recorded by Kris for posterity here:

It looked like it was a fantastic lunch. I guess my days of even sneaking a pork bun any more are officially over. But the weather was stunning, and we ended up out on the balcony of Customs House, drinking tea, soaking up the sun, and knitting.

My "Vincent" inspired yarn choices

The Sydney WWKIP was well-organised, and well attended, but that won’t stop me (now that I’m safely on this side of the ditch) from saying that I failed to see how knitting in an upstairs hall in a library could be considered public. There were 2 signs on the ground floor to direct people, and that was it. It was a beautiful day, and some of us did manage to get some actual knitting in public done afterwards. As a Stitch’n’Bitch, it was a rollicking success – as a public knit-meet… I’m not entirely sure.

Harbour Bridge, and Donna, waiting for the train...

Still, Kylie and I then ambled on over to Homebush to watch the most pedestrian thumping of the Brumbies by the Tahs in the history of the Super 15 (yes, I know what I did there, and it was intentional. Did you spot it?). And then we, freezing, packed into a car and tootled off to Wollongong, where I finally got to meet a rather boisterous puppy, and his two more dignified siblings. I played with Possum and Rico for quite a while – and despite their being exhausted – they were going to play until I gave up…

Possum and Ricco, playing tug
Taking a breather...

But I had places to go and things to see…

A Beautiful Day at the Coast

… and will post more tomorrow.

*My hand luggage was confiscated (briefly) at Sydney Airport while passing through customs, as my 7mm laminated wood needles were considered “too pointy”, and the lady was just plain mean – telling me in great detail the injuries I could do to somebody with them (despite a 75% finished hemlock blanket on the needles). Her supervisor corrected her, and she returned my things, telling me I was lucky “they were just knitting needles…” as if I’d have disguised stakes to kill airborne vampires with time-consuming lace. I’m still incredibly pissed off about the tone and the treatment I got there. But, in all that, Sydney airport kept its unhelpful reputation. That hasn’t changed.



  1. Ahh that lovely blue sky. Not that common in winter, hence our wwkip being organised indoors. I do agree though, it’s not really public. But it is nice to win some prizes at a great big snb! With international guests, no less!

  2. stupid airport people. “lucky it was attached to knitting” wtf? anyway, youre home safe, knitting intact, and a great time was had by all. fantastic photos, esp of the furry people!

  3. Sounds like it was a lovely trip with much fun and knitting involved. Shame about the Airport though, she was obviously a Muggle.

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